5 things I am hoping to see in the Android Marshmallow update!

As many of you on this blog know, I am not an Apple phone user. I have the Samsung Galaxy and I gotta say I love it! That being said when I heard the latest update was announced I was stoked. Sadly details are limited at this point. What is released is the update’s name, Marshmallow!

With that in mind I decided to theorize what could be involved in the new update:

1)Charging available by attaching firmly to a Hershey’s bar;

2) Capability to turn golden brown in extreme heat;

3)Application sizing options ranging from mini to Jumbo;

4)Holiday themes (Easter is the best so far!);

5)Default sound options of Snap, Crackle and Pop!

As always though, please please please don’t put your phone in the microwave! Not only will you ruin your phone but this new application will surely explode and make quite the mess!

Thank you for reading guys!

What are some of your guesses for possible features with this new update?


Bye Bye Sky Mall

I am sure many of you have heard but for those who haven’t, sky mall filed for bankruptcy this week. Now many of their products were just absurd but you can’t say they were not well known. The one thing I always marveled at is how they cornered they air travel market. I have never seen another catalog in an airplane. And that baffles my mind. People are trapped on a plane for hours sometimes with extended periods without their electronics. That is such a good time to sell!

So even though Sky Mall is on the way out, I wanted this post to pay tribute to some of the best and worst things I have seen them sell. And let me tell you some of them are outrageous.

The Adult Jumping Ball:

Seriously? There has to be something wrong with this picture. Not only does the face on the ball look like Mr. Peanut but the guy riding it has a serious creep factor!

Lips for your dog:

One thing is for sure, my dog would kill me if I bought this! However the ‘Stache might be cute for a Stache party or even Halloween. But still my dog would never forgive me or Sky Mall for that matter.

Inflatable Movie Screen:

While this might look cool, can you imagine how easy it would be to pop? And for $250 I am not sure I want something so easy to ruin!

There are seriously so many Sky Mall gems. So as a way to say farewell I ask you readers to share some of your favorite Sky Mall items!

Happy Friday!


Short People Problems: Snow Edition

I am sure I have said this before, but I am short! Not just kinda short, nope I am pretty close to being a midget. I am actually five feet and one and 1/2 inches. And yes that 1/2 is super important!

Now for the most part I enjoy being short. There are plenty of perks. But there are also plenty of times when my height becomes a problem. I am sure there will be other posts on this subject but for now I would like to talk about why short people have problems with the snow.

I live in Massachusetts and this winter we have been through quite a few snow storms with more than just a few inches of snow. I hate snow for a lot of reasons but some of these reasons certainly stem from being short. Here are my three short person gripes about snow:

1) You can’t walk anywhere that isn’t plowed:

As a short person if the snow exceeds a couple of inches walking around becomes a chore! The snow creeps up your pant leg and try as you might trudging becomes pretty much hopeless. If you do manage to struggle your way through the snow you will get to go home with pants completely soaked through and socks to match. Short people here’s my tip: keep dry socks and pants handy in the event of an unexpected snow storm. You will thank me later!

2) Snow on the top of your car taunts you:

Yes people I realize driving on the highway with snow on the roof of your car is dangerous! No one wants to unload their roof snow onto an unsuspecting car behind you. But what do you do when you drive a Rav 4, you are ridiculously short and aren’t graceful enough to balance on your car while pushing with a broom? Even if you manage to get the balance needed to climb the car it is likely you will unleash your own personal snow storm on yourself as you try to clear the roof of your car. But shorties out there I am sorry this is an evil we must endure. My advice? Get a tall boyfriend- he will take care of this for you and if he doesn’t get a different tall boyfriend!

3) Snowman building:

Alright in New England you learn that you might hate the snow but sometimes the best way to deal with it is enjoy it. Snowman building is a great way to do that. But I don’t know about you but when I build a snowman I want it to be seen. In order for that to happen it can’t be a midget! However, to make the snowman tall enough to get attention, I would need to get a snowball head above my head. Trust me that isn’t easy. Plus you gotta get his hat, eyes, nose, mouth, and scarf on. So short stuff if you are looking to build a snowman maybe considering building a sturdy snow ladder first. Otherwise enjoy your midget snowman, someone has to.

Now this is a snowman I would like to build!

Any other peanuts out there want to share their gripes with the snow?


Taking A Little Time For Me!

During my travels in the blogosphere I noticed a growing trend. Many bloggers are posting lists of things they like about themselves. Even more shocking to me is there are ALOT of things on this list. One of the favorite lists I have seen is over at Misty Laws Blog (<a/>http://mistyslaws.wordpress.com/2013/01/14/i-feel-pretty-oh-so-pretty/<a/&gt;). I decided after reading her list that I wanted to try this as well. However, I wanted to add my own little spin to it.

Not too long ago I went through a dark time. A friend of mine told me that a good idea to get through a dark time is to write down the awesome things you have done in your life. Acknowledge the people you have in your life that had a positive influence on you and embrace the good, bad and ugly parts of your life. I have compiled a top ten list of things that I can recall from my life that make it a little easier to accept the things that are far from making the list:

10) I struggled like hell but I made it through college and came out the other side with a Bachelor’s Degree. Was it worth it? Well THAT is another blog post…

9) I am 24 years old and I manage to live in my own place and own my own car…I am making some progress…

8) I have finally been able to sing in front of others instead of only singing to the steering wheel and shower head…does the audience appreciate this…welll…who asked them?

7) I have developed a cute little following for my blog. I started off with nobody reading my blog and now I can count on a few close blogging friends to read every post 🙂

6) I have a solid job in the field I intend to stay in. In this economy this is something to truly cherish.

5) I have a small group of awesome friends that I never had before. For most of my life I was a loner but I have learned to make contacts with those I care about and not push them away- for those who know me THAT is an accomplishment.

4) I have started writing a novel that I am really passionate about. Lack of motivation aside I think if this ever gets completed it will really be a novel I can be proud of.

3) I am the proud Aunt of an adorable nephew whom I love more every day.

2) I am the Mommy of the best dog in the world- no one else opinion is needed on her- I am talking to YOU!

1) I have a little sister who has always and will always look up to me. She is my rock, my best friend, my world. She is the reason I strive every day to be the best that I can be.

Have you made a list like this? Let me know so I can check it out 🙂


Happy Bubble Wrap Day!

I have been made aware that today is National Bubble Wrap day! Along with that fun fact I was also informed that the original intent for bubble wrap was to be plastic wallpaper. Well this got me thinking…what other uses of bubble wrap might we be missing out on. I decided to get out my thinking cap and come up with a list of the top five ways we could and should be using bubble wrap in our every day lives:

1) As a way to annoy that annoying co-worker in the adjacent cubicle- one pop at a time…

2) As a fabulous new dress for a night out on the town…

3) As a pillow- just in case your insomnia doesn’t keep you up all night this pillow surely will!

4) As a fabulous new carpet to match the wallpaper- one step up from the creaky floorboard in the house of the cheating spouse…

5) As an alternative to the always boring white veil on your wedding day…

What other ways should we be using bubble wrap in our every day lives that we just don’t do enough?