Breakfast at Tiffany’s!

After watching multiple posts on my friend Ronnie’s blog, I decided it was time to finally see Breakfast at Tiffany’s. All I can say is *swoon*. There is so much about that movie that shows we are in a different time but there is still so much to relate to.

To start with, Audrey Hepburn is just flawless. From her appearance, to her acting skills to her voice. Everything about her was just phenomenal. But as with most movies I don’t like to just do a movie review. I like to pick out a part of the movie that spoke to me and explain why. So the part of the movie that spoke to me was something Audrey said:

 “No. The blues are because you’re getting fat and maybe it’s been raining too long, you’re just sad that’s all. The mean reds are horrible. Suddenly you’re afraid and you don’t know what you’re afraid of. Do you ever get that feeling?”

I had to pause the movie and re-listen to what she said. “The mean reds”. That is the exact feeling I have been having as of late. Things are definitely changing around me. I have been laid off for the 3rd time in 3 years. I am working a direct sales business. And I am doing side jobs to keep my head above water.

Do I have the blues? No, I am really not sad. But the mean reds? You better believe I do. One minute I will be excited about the opportunities ahead and the next I am petrified with no real justifiable reason. Probably because it isn’t stable. Maybe because it is different. All I know is that I am scared and there is very little I can do but swallow it and accept it.

For Audrey her mean reds came from the fear of commitment, the fear of being herself, and the fear of letting herself fall in love. She was all wrapped up in fear that she really never was happy. I am not that far along just yet but after watching it I am certain I won’t let myself get there. She almost lost a pretty great man because of this fear.

Fear holds you back. Fear creates a road block. But positive thinking and positive energy creates a path to success. It might seem crazy, it might seem impossible. But it is there if you are willing to think positive and be happy!

Don’t let the mean reds get you! Do as Audrey eventually did and let go and be happy! It is the only way to move forward in life!

Thank you “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” for an amazing life lesson!


My High School celeb crush got hitched!

Regardless of how perfect our real life relationship is, we all have celebrity crushes. I know I have mentioned my love for JGL on this blog and I am sure at some point I will share some other crushes. But today I want to throw it back to my High School years. One of my biggest High School celebrity crushes got married last weekend and a little piece of my heart broke but my faith was also restored.

This is my story of Benji Madden.

My obsession with Benji Madden’s band Good Charlotte started my Freshman year of High School. While all the cool kids were listening to rap I was struggling to find my niche in music. I was also struggling to identify with who I really was. Then came along a new girl from a different school. She sported pink hair and a ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude. She quickly became a close friend and I was able to grapple with who I was.

One of the band’s she introduced me to was Good Charlotte. This band had everything I wanted in music. Up beat tempo, a little grunge, words I could relate to, and attitude for days. But like my pink haired buddy, they also had a hard core appearance. The members of this band (Benj included) sported radical hair styles, dark makeup (on boys) piercings, tattoos and an awesome wardrobe. A look I could never pull off.

The love for this band and this new friendship made me feel like a poser. I felt because I did not look like them I could not have similarities to them. I watched movie after movie and show after show which proved that people run with others who look like them. And I did not look like this new group I had become fascinated with.

This was something I struggled with throughout High School. I really didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t look like this group, I didn’t act like the popular kids… so where did I fit in?

Eventually I adopted the same ‘I don’t care attitude’ as the pink haired buddy I met and my love for Benji Madden became public knowledge.

My pet ferret (which admittedly was a short lived pet) was named Benji. I wore Good Charlotte attire and I rocked out to their songs no matter where I was.

When I heard Benji got married last weekend I was intrigued. Who could have caught his heart. Was she awesomely tattooed like him? Did she have a dark, sultry look to her?

The answer to all of the above was no. She was just like me. A regular girl (well as regular as you can get in Hollywood). Gorgeous of course but no visible tattoos, no heavy dark makeup, no radical wardrobe. Just a gorgeous girl with enormous talent.

He married none other than Cameron Diaz.

Let off the balloons! Hollywood is reaffirming the lesson I learned long ago. Appearance does not dictate your soul. Love can see beyond physical barriers. And it is beautiful.

So if my childhood crush had to marry someone I am thrilled it is her. Congrats Benji and Cameron! Here’s to many years of happiness!


Christmas Under Wraps!

Here is a confession: This girl loves Christmas! I get excited like a little kid! One of my favorite parts of Christmas is all of the straight to TV Christmas movies. This year the Christmas movie I got to sit down and watch was “Christmas Under Wraps” starring Full House’s Cameron Bure.

The reason I absolutely loved this movie is not just the nostalgia of seeing one of my favorite childhood actresses. But also a movie that showed me a little of myself. This year was the year I was able to make changes just like Cameron’s character did.

The theme for this movie was about how you can’t live your life while you are busy making plans. This has been something that I have learned so much this year. I spent much of my life working towards goals and not spending much time enjoying the life I have. When those plans came to a crashing halt this year a lot of things were in question for me. But what I have been able to realize is I am beyond lucky. I have a supportive family, a best friend in my boyfriend and a great job with an amazing boss.

The year 2014 was full of ups and downs but I am really glad with the way things are as it comes to a close. I have stopped making plans and instead I am learning to enjoy the things I do have.

Medical issues have plagued my family as of late and it really is a blessing to live in the moment. Tomorrow is a gift but not guaranteed.

This Christmas movie is certainly one I will watch again and again. Plus the Northern Lights are now officially on my bucket list!

Thank you Hallmark Channel for another Christmas movie to remember!


I admit- I am a kill joy!

I know many of you bloggers enjoyed the Pharrel Williams song “Because I’m Happy.” I also know that when I commented on your posts about it I also mentioned that I did not care for it. I am not sure if it was because it was just way too up beat for me or if it was merely that the song got on my nerves. Either way I did not care for the song.

But then I watched the Lego Movie.

In that movie the “average guy” lego was obsessed with the song “Everything is Awesome.” The “lego master” girl that he falls in love with was highly irritated by the song. And I realized that in the lego movie I would be the “lego master” girl without all the awesome abilities. But in the movie it was showing that when someone is clouded by experiences they tend to be jaded and not be able to appreciate the simple things, like that song. That would explain my life. A song about being happy just doesn’t resonate with me because I spend my time caught up in everything else I don’t take the time to just be happy.

The songs really mirror each other and it was amazing to me how similar they are yet no one has pointed it out.

Here are just a few similarities:

Because I’m Happy: “Here come bad news talking this and that, yeah,/Well, give me all you got, and don’t hold it back, yeah,/
Well, I should probably warn you I’ll be just fine, yeah,

Everything is Awesome: “Lost my job, there’s a new opportunity/ More free time for my awesome community.”

They both show that even though bad things happen there is always a positive way to look at it.

Because I’m Happy:”Because I’m happy”

Everything is Awesome: “Everything is awesome,”

Their title repeats over and over and over and over throughout the song. Just in case it didn’t sink in the first 100x…

And both songs are very insistent that nothing will change how they feel. They are happy because everything is awesome and nothing will get in the way of that!



I think after seeing this movie and comparing the two songs I need to take the time to enjoy the simple things. I need to be able to just be happy and see how awesome life is. The songs might be irritating but their point is clear. Life is too short to not be happy.


So be happy my friends and happy Friday!



Ain’t Never Had a Friend Like You!

Now I realize that many people are posting about the shocking passing of Robin Williams. I am sorry to say that I am going to be another one of those people. Mostly because I am really disgusted by all the negativity I have seen regarding it and I feel the need to share my thoughts in order to hopefully convert at least one negative nancy and make them see why we are all devastated over the loss of this comic genius.

As a kid growing up, Disney was of course my movie of choice. Aladdin was a movie I probably watched 5,000 times over. The Genie was absolutely one of the best characters. Ever since I heard the news that Robin Williams passed I can not get the song “Friend Like Me” out of my head. Honestly, from everything I have read about him, I truly believe those that were blessed enough to be his friend really never had a friend like him nor will they ever again.

What people seem to be forgetting is that he was such a generous man. There are stories from starting out stand up comics, cancer patients and fellow comedians that all agree he was one of the nicest (and funniest) men on earth. All people seem to be focusing on is that he took his own life. I have heard comments like “who cares?”, “he was selfish”, “must’ve been his marriage” and so many other insensitive remarks. But the fact is he openly struggled with addiction and depression. Ultimately that is what took his life, he did not take his own.

As someone who has dealt with depression I can tell you that logic is not a large factor. Often you feel emotions so strong and overwhelming that whether or not they are logical really does not seem relevant. The fact is you feel so alone and so powerless to these emotions that it becomes hard to see past them. It becomes hard to think of anything other than finding a way out.

It’s so hard to see that a man that had such a powerful impact on so many lives could not overcome the pain. I would like to share a few things he taught me:

1) In Aladdin he taught me that sometimes being a friend can be one of the most important jobs of all. Without the Genie Aladdin would have never completed his task;

2) In Goodwill Hunting he taught me that love is what matters at the end of the day. Until you have felt true love you have never really lived.

3) In Flubber he taught me to never give up. His character ran in to many problems but he ultimately succeeded.

Each character he portrayed had a good moral message along with lots of laughs. I feel he put a little of himself in to each character which made them easier to relate to.

Recently my boyfriend and I went to find the bench Robin Williams and Matt Damon had a chat on in Goodwill Hunting. While we are not sure we found the correct bench we found the location. I took a picture from one of the benches:

Boston Common

Now my goal is to return there to see the memorial that his fans have set up for him there. I am sure it is a sight to see.

Lastly, I want to say to his daughter Zelda, do not listen to the hateful comments of the inter-webs. These are what I like to call trolls. They do not know your father and they are making wild assumptions and accusations based on media hype that they don’t care to understand. Your father touched me through his movies just as he did so many other people. That is what you need to remember. Do not let the negative people get a hold of you. Do not let them win!

To my blogging buddies, I would love to hear some of the ways Robin Williams touched your life. Please share in the comments below!