Bitches Be Crazy!

Alright we have all heard the phrase, “Bitches Be Crazy!” As a girl I have taken the proper amount of offense to this phrase and really tried not to give it any encouragement. But as I creep up in years and I watch my male friends navigate through many relationships I see more and more truth in this phrase. While I agree many girls get their crazy ways from a man who treated them wrong, I think its time ladies for us to put aside the excuses and get our shit together.

This post is inspired by trend I saw on twitter. The hashtag was “#ExGirlfriendsBeLike”. I know many of my followers aren’t twitter savvy so I will explain what this means. When a hashtag trends it means lots of users are tweeting to this hashtag. When I saw the trend I clicked on it only to reveal so many crazy stories about exes. I started thinking about this and realized that I know of quite a few crazy stories myself.

I’d like to share one such story. A recent ex of mine had who he called “the crazy ex”. Knowing he’s a guy I didn’t put much faith in that nickname until I saw her in action. Not only did she proclaim her love to my then boyfriend (they dated a few weeks) but when he tried to cut contact she stalked him, texted him, Facebooked him- you name it she did it. And she wonders how she got the name the “crazy ex”.

So here is my task for you ladies. We need to turn this around. We don’t need a negative hashtag trending about us. We don’t need other ladies scowling at our actions. We need to make a good name for girls. We are all someone’s ex lets just be an ex and strip the crazy part.

How do we do that? If he is your ex. MOVE ON. Don’t text, tweet, Facbook, Skype, drive by, use binoculars at his window, *69 him…just don’t contact him. Leave the memories in the past where they belong and find a new man to move on with. I know how hard it is but let’s do it for the ladies. No more craziness out there ladies let’s get our act together!