How Protective is Too Protective of Kids with Allergies?

One thing I gotta say about my book club is it makes for great blog content! Another debate we had at our last meeting was the way in which children are treated in regards to allergies. Now honestly I have no idea how we got on this topic. I can say with certainty it has NOTHING to do with the book. But we are all great debaters and somehow the convo took us there and debate we did. Now for the most part I was a spectator to this debate because honestly I was not sure what side of the fence I fell on…until now.

The debate was basically, are kids in school being coddled when it comes to allergies? The women were discussing how children (now we are talking preschool and elementary school kids) are sent to separate tables when they have severe allergies (i.e peanut allergies) and many schools even ask kids to avoid bringing foods with these ingredients to try and accommodate the other kids.

Now for me this is a tough one to look at. As you have seen from my previous posts I feel kids are way to coddled in schools (see Everyone is NOT a Winner). However, these kids are super young and don’t yet really understand their allergy. Although I am not yet a parent I think I would rather my future child come home and feel left out because of their allergy then not come home at all because they died or got sent to a hospital due to an accident.

The problem is everything goes to extremes. Schools are so afraid of doing something wrong that when they limit something they just basically rule it out entirely. Should the whole class suffer because my kid as an allergy? The answer should be no. However, unfortunately some kids have allergies so bad that even the smell could set them off. On top of that a teacher can’t help if another kid offers your kid something with said allergy in it. There are so many factors that the line becomes blurry.

So I turn to you bloggers. Are kids being too coddled in school when it comes to allergies or are schools making the right move?


Dunkaroos Have Returned!

In basically every “You know you are a 90’s kid if…” list you find the infamous dunkaroo snack. There is no explaining why these graham crackers dipped in a cake frosting substance captured our 12 year old hearts but they certainly did. If I opened my lunch to find one of these amazing snacks my whole day would be just a little brighter.

Sadly, I have been unable to find these snacks in the last few years. Doing some internet research I find that they are still sold in select stores but they have yet to cross my path. Desperate for a dunkaroo fix to bring me back to my childhood years I went to Pinterest. Low and Behold a recipe awaited me to make this fantastic snack right at home. And whats better? Its only three ingredients!

Find the original post here: http://leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com/2011/09/embracin-camera-and-it-tastes-like-cake.html

This recipe didnt give exact portions for a large batch so it was kind of a trial and error type thing. We started with the three ingredients lined up and ready to go:

All three ingredients!

All three ingredients!

Then we put them all together in a bowl and mixed them up:

Mixing Stage 1

Mixing Stage 1

After we stirred for a bit with a spoon we decided the consistency just wasn’t quite right. The main site gave little direction for this so we decided to try blending the ingredients:

Blend it up!

This did the trick! The dip worked out just perfectly! Brought me right back to my days in grade school. The last thing to figure out was what to dip in it. After some debate we settled on Honey Flavored Teddy Grahams 🙂



And there you have it! A quick and easy snack the whole family will love!

So bloggers is there a snack from your childhood you would like to re-create?