Unrealistic Dream Jobs!

I will be the first to admit that many of my life decisions has been influenced by TV and movies. Is that irresponsible? Probably. But I am sure this will continue to happen my entire life. That being said, many of my “dream jobs” were a result of a TV show or movie and most of which were pretty unrealistic. I came across this article and realized that I had so much more to add. So as we look ahead to Monday at our real jobs I wanted to take a look at the jobs I am sure many of us wish we had thanks to Hollwood.

Movie Trailer Maker- as seen in the Holiday.

This job not only seems glamorous but clearly Amanda Woods makes quite a good living doing it! Oh and who wouldn’t love to live down the road from one of Hollywood’s greats? Can you say job perks? If I could work in the Entertainment industry I would be in absolute heaven. But I live in New England completely across the country from Hollywood and I am nowhere near talented enough for this amazing job. But Hollywood makes it seem so attainable!


Did I mention how much I would love a vacation on a whim?

Bounty Hunter- as seen in One For the Money.

I like to think of myself as a pretty bad ass girl. So the idea of making money by taking someone down for a crime they committed seems awesome. Plus she got to hunt down a guy she had the hots for. But what Hollywood fails to mention is most of the people you are hunting down are not going to also turn around and protect you. Plus the hazards of the job are certainly not worth the pay.

Professional Event Planners- as seen in She’s Out of Your League

I think by now anyone who reads my blog knows I love planning things. I like taking themes and putting together something fun. I like to make the person I am planning the thing for smile. That is why an event planner sounded like an awesome job to me. Problem is, you need to have contacts with all the right people and get all the right prices. Oh and did I mention you can’t make a living with just family and friends? This might be a fun job but without a lot of hard work and networking making a living out of it would be a bit unattainable.

I’m certain those looks help with networking!


So bloggers as we all head to our 9-5 jobs this week, what dream job did Hollywood make you want?