5 things I am hoping to see in the Android Marshmallow update!

As many of you on this blog know, I am not an Apple phone user. I have the Samsung Galaxy and I gotta say I love it! That being said when I heard the latest update was announced I was stoked. Sadly details are limited at this point. What is released is the update’s name, Marshmallow!

With that in mind I decided to theorize what could be involved in the new update:

1)Charging available by attaching firmly to a Hershey’s bar;

2) Capability to turn golden brown in extreme heat;

3)Application sizing options ranging from mini to Jumbo;

4)Holiday themes (Easter is the best so far!);

5)Default sound options of Snap, Crackle and Pop!

As always though, please please please don’t put your phone in the microwave! Not only will you ruin your phone but this new application will surely explode and make quite the mess!

Thank you for reading guys!

What are some of your guesses for possible features with this new update?