Children are not props for feminism! There must be a better way!

I have mentioned this before on this blog and I will mention it again, I am a feminist. Not in the way the media tries to portray them though. I am not a man hater. I do no go days without a shower and I don’t eat a strange diet. I just strongly believe in equal rights and I feel we have a long way to go in achieving that goal. That being said when I come across something that attempts to enlighten people about the feminist agenda I need to check it out.

So this past week I came across a video where little girls were dropping the F-bomb to raise awareness for Feminism. It definitely had a buzz about it so I had to check it out.

The one thing I will say for sure is it got attention. Not all positive attention but it got attention. I realize the shock factor is a major component of raising awareness and that they did. However, I am not sure I agree with the tactic.

I don’t think swearing is a huge deal. I would not wash my kids mouth out with soap for saying something I say quite often. However, I do not think using children for a cause and making them spout out things they do not understand is a good tactic. These are children not products you can use however you please. There had to be a better way.

Even doing a dub over of animals giving the speeches might have had a better effect. This would still draw in an audience who were looking for the “cute” element and it would still have that shock factor since the swears are still coming from an unlikely place. The difference is the animals will not actually be required to say anything they don’t understand. They will simply be filmed being cute and the rest will be animation.

Anyone remember Duke?

To me that is a better way to promote the cause. I however am not exactly creative in things like this but I do believe in the cause, so I turn to you.

How would you make this ad better? Tell me in the comments below!


Facebook for Dogs?

So the other day I came across an interesting statistic: 10 % of Facebook users are non human. This got me to thinking if they are not human what are they? I wracked my brain thinking of all the crazy things on Facebook and I have come up with the top 3 funniest non- human Facebook profile types I have encountered:

3) Toasters- Yes you read that right Toasters. At first I thought it was a fan page (because I mean seriously who does not love toasters) but no my friends it is an actual page for a toaster. This isn’t even a page for the Brave Little Toaster, if it was I would friend him. Who wouldnt want to be his friend? Nope this is a Toaster. Plain and simple. And from the looks of his wall posts this Toaster seems to enjoy art work. So whats next does the Fridge get a Facebook page too?

Wanna be my friend?

2) Facebook Parody Pages- these pages range from making fun of Barack Obama to making fun of Satan himself. Now I classify these as “non human” because he person whose name is attached to these pages are in no way affiliated with said pages. Thus, it is not a page for an individual or a human.

1) Pets! Now Don’t get me wrong here my dog is my absolute best friend. However, the last time I checked she did not have opposable thumbs so there is no way she is updating her Facebook status! Many of the pages are very cute with pictures and stuff but the image of seeing my pooch at the computer typing to her friends is one I really can’t quite get out of my head.


This begs the question though. What other bizzare non-human Facebook pages have you come across bloggers?



Flash-Soft, LLC

Generally, I don’t blog about things that happen in my personal life. However, my father has created a program that I think some bloggers might really want to know about. His software is called Flash-Points and I am asking all my blogging friends to go and check it out!

So what is it you ask? This program is made for the Restaurant Fire Suppression industry and it is used to design a fire suppression system in the easiest way possible.

            This program incorporates Flash to allow you to design your fire suppression system with drag and drop technology, calculates which nozzles are needed, allows you to rotate the picture to front or rear facing and allows you to save and print to show it to the Fire Marshal when you are all set and ready to go.

The first time I saw this program I thought of True Space. This program is easy for anyone to use and makes a necessary  job – dare I say fun? The best part about this program if you go check it out now is they are offering a free demo! Try out the demo and once you are hooked (because you will be) go ahead and order a copy for yourself.

Now I realize that this software is for a target audience so not everyone reading might be interested. This is where I need your help. I am calling to all my blogger friends to spread the word. Post about it on your blog, make a link on your blog for other people who may be interested, tweet about it, Facebook about it- whatever you can to get the word out!

Go check out the website here: http://www.flash-soft.com

When you share this please leave me a comment and let me know what you did to spread the word. I appreciate all the help!