I’m a Cheater!

Bloggers I feel like Fridays are a good day for confessions. A way to purge your conscience and wipe the slate clear. So here it goes.

I cheated. Yes you heard me right, I cheated. The thing is I think they already know. I mean they have to at least suspect right? During this time I spent a lot less time with my love. I was so hooked on this sexy alternative. But it was a fling. My heart still belongs to my one and only. But it happened and I feel like today is the day to come clean.

Here is the thing, I was in college. I was very busy and the fling was so very convenient. He was right on campus. And honestly everyone was always talking about him. At first it started as a one time thing. I figured I would just see what all the hype was about. Get it out of my system so I could stop thinking about it. But then I was hooked on the hype. I couldn’t stop. And the guilt kept me away from my love. I was afraid he would know I had cheated. So I kept cheating. It was a vicious cycle.

So why do I come clean now? So many years later? Because my friend Ronnie wrote this post. And this post says how my love is just “too hott”. Can you believe that? TOO HOTT? That is one of the things I love about him. He is just so hott that I am forced to savor him. Little by little. Enjoying him that much longer before our time is up.

The post made me feel I had to profess my love and come clean about it all. I wanted to be clear that my heart belongs to only one.

Oh did I mention that I was talking about coffee? No? Well I am. I cheated on Dunkin Donuts with Starbucks.

Coffee lovers have you ever cheated on your coffee of choice? Do you regret it?


Happy Eat Your Veggies Day!

Since June 17th is Eat Your Veggies Day, I decided it would be fun to do a post on some of the most awkward veggies to eat. As a kid I hated vegetables. When my parents would send me to the basement to pick the vegetable for dinner I would ALWAYS pick corn. EVERY TIME! But as I grew up I started to like a few different kinds of veggies but it doesn’t mean I can eat them with a straight face.

Here are the ones that come quickly to mind in order of most normal to weirdest!

5) Carrots- Every time I eat these I just want to say “Whats up Doc?” but then I realize that most of the kids in my life would have no idea what I am referring to a most of the adults would just think it was a sad and pathetic reference.

4) Spinach- I have always wanted to suck down a whole can of this stuff and watch my muscles pop up all over my arms. Sadly this has never worked yet for me and this makes eating this a sad time.

3) Tomatoes- Because every time the juice squirts me in the back of my throat I am reminded that I am not eating a gusher and the mild choking feeling will not be rewarded by sour goodness.

2) Brocoli- Any way you eat this you look like you are defiling a tree. In this “green” era you gotta be careful how you treat the arbor life.

1) Celery- Even if you coat this sucker with some lucious peanut butter, sticking a long tubular object down your throat never looks classy. Remember that ladies.

So now that you have had a great chuckle at the veggies expense celebrate this veggie day with a mound of the best stuff for your body! Bloggers, what is your favorite veggie?



Confessions of a Car Dancer

Confession Time: I’m a car dancer. And no, I don’t mean casually moving my torso to the beat while I drive along. I mean all out head bobbing, torso grooving and hands swaying type car dancer. Oh and I also sing. And I mean sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down. Yes, I am that girl you look at when you are stopped at a red light and wonder if she knows people can see and hear her.

Well to answer your question. I do know. And I don’t care!

Dancing in the car is one of the ways I like to relieve stress. I was a dancer for ten years of my life and I absolutely love to sing (even if it is limited to karaoke). It would be absolutely silly for me to not take advantage of a juke box on wheels (yes I did steal that from a country song).

What was surprising to me was to find out that there are others out there who shamelessly embrace their desire to rock it out in a car. I found a whole Youtube channel titled “Highway Sing-Along”. I will admit this guy is a bit more ambitious than me. He actually involves other drivers in his antics asking them to sing and dance along with him. I am more of a one woman show type performer.

Regardless of our differences this guy really makes me smile and I think you bloggers could use a smile like that to end the week. So I want to share my favorite video of his channel for you to enjoy:

So bloggers it’s your time to confess. Are you a car dancer?


Anxiety Meets The Most Legit Excuses.

As someone who has lived with anxiety my whole life, I realize that anxiety is never rational. There are moments in life when an anxiety ridden person will be provided with the most legit excuse to explain away a certain scenario but the anxiety overpowers said excuse. Often when anxiety takes over the worst possible scenario is the only scenario that makes sense in our head. Even when we know it is completely unlikely. Its a vicious circle we go around day after day but its something we have to deal with.

I have been provided with some excuses that really are pretty understandable. Here are a list of some of the best excuses for a scenario and what my anxiety ridden mind thinks of them:

1) I couldn’t text you today because my phone died and I do not know your phone number by memory.

Anxiety Conclusion: They hate me and never want to talk to me again.

2) I was late for your party because there was an accident on the highway I was stuck in traffic for over an hour.

Anxiety Conclusion: They hate me and never want to talk to me again.

3) I’m sorry I couldn’t hang out with you last night, a family member died.

Anxiety Conclusion: They hate me and never want to talk to me again.

Starting to see a pattern here? It doesn’t matter what you tell me, if I am dealing with anxiety my mind will automatically conclude that you have done this because you hate me. Its not rational but its realistic. Oh the qualms of being with an anxiety ridden female. I do not envy anyone who has to deal with me.

Bloggers do you ever have to deal with anxiety’s frustrating wrath?


When Live Tweeting Might Be A Bad Idea…

As I have mentioned in previous posts…I kind of like twitter. I don’t use it as much as I would like but when I do get on there I find some pretty funny stuff. That being said there are some things that people tweet that really baffle me. Some things just aren’t meant to be broadcasted all over a social network. Especially if it is not your business to exploit.

I don’t know how many of you saw this, but a New York based comedian, Kyle Ayers, live tweeted someone’s break up. Now, the results were pretty funny and yes I read through all the tweets. I guess that makes me part of the problem doesn’t it? But it really got me thinking that although we witness so many different events on a day to day basis that might make for some humorous jokes because we are not involved in it…we might not want to publicly share said jokes. Makes us seem insensitive. Or maybe we don’t care. Admittedly, I am on the fence on this.

However, this got me thinking. What other events that we might witness would probably be insensitive to live tweet? Don’t get your hampster wheel fired up just yet I made a nice little list for ya:

5) Job Interview: I know when I see someone walk into my part time job I have had for over ten years I judge the newbies. And yes it can be funny to comment on their clothing, attitude, chances of getting the job…ect. But in a few years they could be your boss or worse they could be the daughter of the owner. Tweet at your own risk!


4) Child Birth: Yes this is a magical moment. But I can assure you, your wife would not appreciate one of the most intimate and probably embarrassing moments of her life tweeted for the world to see.

3) Committing of a Crime: Any crime. Not only would you be an accessory because you saw it and did nothing but if you are tweeting you are letting a crime happen. That is just not good karma my friend.

2) Someone Getting Fired: Lets just say- you are caught doing this. You could be next. No matter how funny it is.

1) Funeral: I know it is becoming socially acceptable to take selfies here (still wrong to me) but live tweeting every emotional outburst and the fashion woes of a funeral might not be in the best taste…might not be…

Obama seems to think its okay…


Can you think of any events you should probably not live tweet?



Do you date your car?

So many of us have a special attachment to our cars. And with the possibility of sounding sexist I am willing to bet more men have an attachment to their car than woman. According to this survey done by Nationwide Insurance, 25 % of U. S Car owners have a “special name” for their car. Now this really didn’t surprise me. I have heard all the weird names and I have seen some really odd things that people put their cars through. Whether it be giving their car fake eyelashes, dressing their car up for Christmas or just “souping” their car up with lights or spinners. Yes people really like to go a little crazy when it comes to cars.

However, there was an episode of My Strange Addiction that really took this car craze onto a whole other level. A man actually had a RELATIONSHIP with his car. The episode creeped me out in so many ways. If you didn’t get to see the episode check out the clip below. Just be warned, you will shudder. With this episode in mind I decided to do a list of the top ten things ( in no particular order) a man can say to his car but should not say to his lover.

10) “I like the way you run”

9) I could sniff your gas all day.

8) I just want to suck all the dirt out of you!

7) I like it better when all my friends are inside you.

6) The view is better with your top down.

5) I’m debating letting you get rear ended for the money.

4) I can see your crack.

3) I think you need a wax.

2) It might be time to trade you in for a newer model.

1) I like that I can get mud all over you and even inside you and you don’t complain!

I am sure there are so many more that would be so wrong to say and I would love to hear them. Let me know some you can think of in the comments below! Don’t forget to enjoy the disturbing clip I promised 🙂


Ladies Agree: We All Get A Little Crazy Sometimes…

Alright girls, lets admit it, as a gender we can get a little emotional. Sometimes we get a little too angry over something that really isn’t that big of a deal. Sometimes we ball our eyes out at a chick flick and really can’t explain the reason behind it. Sometimes we get irrationally worried about things that will probably never happen. We as a gender can be an emotional bunch.

That is why it is not surprising for me to learn that many women have tried to inflict harm on their significant other or friend in the heat of a passionate argument. I know plenty of times I have imagined using a kitchen pot Saturday morning cartoon style just to get my point across. However, some women out there have really stretched their imaginations to find the most outrageous way to lash out during a fight. This post goes out to you ladies. The ones who have done something so extreme that the rest of us are left in shock and awe (and in some cases a little disgust). Here’s to hoping none of us EVER go this far:

3) Bond vs. USA:

This woman took chemicals from her work Rohm and Haas Co and sprinkled them on her friends car, door knob and mailbox after learning that her so called friend got pregnant by her husband. This case was so bizarre that it wasn’t even tried as just an attempted suicide but rather has a Chemical Weapons case. I have to say she gets points for thinking outside the box but loses points for getting caught.

2) Stabbed with a Squirrel:

A woman from South Carolina got so angry that her husband didn’t bring home beer on Christmas Eve that she beat him and then stabbed him with a ceramic squirrel. At least the man and the squirrel had something in common, they both had a thing for nuts!

The wrong kind of roadkill: We have all heard this story and I am sure we have all used it as a threat at one time or another, but lets face it its way too good and definitely wins the craziest woman fight hands down. Lorena Bobbit you will go down in history as the woman who went the most extreme. For those of you who live under a rock here is what this woman did: Lorena got outta bed in the middle of the night, cut off her husbands penis, got in the car (with severed manhood in hand) and then threw it out the window. Lucky for the man she had presence of mind after this and called 911 and he was able to get re-attached. But man oh man this takes the cake. Best part is I can’t figure out what she was angry about!

So ladies, when your man tells you, you are being too emotional remind him it could be soooo much worse!


“So Much Cooler Online…”

Alright as a blogger, we all meet people from all over the world. We befriend our online companions for their wit, their support, and their stories. But lets face it, do we really know any of them?

A friend of mine, Dana, over at Kiss My List said something I really loved on this topic, “This is tough – I love so many and I hate to play favorites. It’s also difficult because although I feel like I know some bloggers so well from their writing, I don’t know how they are in person. Do they snore? Are they slobs? Are they relaxed on vacation, or does every second have to be planned? So I’m taking the cowardly way out and not answering this question, but if anyone owns a beach house and would like some company, I’m your gal! Call me.”

After some thought I decided her quote really could lend itself to such a great blog post. So thanks Dana!

Some of my blogging buddies do post photos, so there is a face to the name. But then there are bloggers like me who never post a photo because we are camera shy (I’m working on it guys). On top of that there is so much about a person you just don’t learn online. We are able to present the best version of ourselves on here and make friends for the person we strive to be not necessarily the person we are. Although that is a plus, it also means that organic friendships with some of our blogging besties might not be plausible.

This brings me to a little story from my past. I think this dates back to when I was around 20. Before my blogging times. I made my online friends through online video games, X-box to be exact. I was pretty awesome on their. Mostly because I was one of VERY FEW females. And I gotta say I loved the attention! It was a nice break from my own reality and it was a way to build some confidence. Never did I guess that I would soon be meeting one of my gamer friends.

But I did.

A guy from Georgia came and actually ended up living with me for about 6 months. And I gotta say I was the one who was so much cooler online. He never had the confidence in himself that he had online but in reality he was a pretty amazing person. I wasn’t such a great person at that time. I was mean, heart broken, and depressed. Not a ton of fun. But he liked me for all of me and did a lot to help me get through a pretty tough spot in my life.

Anyway the point of this story is, we all do this in some way. Making ourselves just a little bit better for our online personality. As the years have gone on I have let more of “me” shine through but still I would say it is the better version of me.

For those who haven’t heard the song that helped inspire this post, please listen below:

Do you guys find yourself doing this or have you met anyone who does it? I’m curious to see how many “cool” online personas are out there.


Left Out of the Marriage Loop

Alright I am not sure if this is just a girl thing, but us girls definitely have our ups and downs when we are thinking about our future and more importantly marriage. Alright maybe its not a girl thing, maybe its just me. Either way, the older I get the more and more hopeless I feel about getting married. And yes I realize it is ridiculous. I am only 25, I have an amazing boyfriend and really whats the rush? But this post is about just how much has changed in only a few years.

21 year old me was bright with promise. I had the perfect guy dreamed up in my head and I was ready to kiss as many frogs as it took to find my prince. Disney really affected this girl. I had high expectations and didn’t think anything of it. I knew what I wanted and I was willing to wait to get it just right.

I blame both!

As the time passed I started to get a little more worried but for the most part the hopeless romantic in me stayed intact. Each heartbreak taught me something new and I refined my perfect guy to match the lessons I had learned. Each time thinking it was good that I went through that so I know better of what I want.

But here I am now at 25. My newsfeed is flooded daily with engagement announcements, marriage announcements and yes new born babies. Each post that pops up I feel just a little more behind. And the more behind I feel the more hopeless I feel. And frankly that is just silly.

I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Things are great. But for some reason I still feel left out as I watch everyone pair off with forever in their grasp.

I found a video on Youtube and although the ages are different I think its quite perfect and it definitely made me laugh:

Does anyone else suffer from this ridiculous problem?


“They Had it Coming…”

Okay so remember last week when I wrote about short people problems in the snow? Well I am not only short but I am also impatient. Impatient people do not get along with the snow either! So I am double screwed!

Anyways this past week there was a major snow storm. One of those storms where the snow is thick, wet, and heavy. But the next day I needed my morning coffee (and trust me not a single soul would want me to be without it). So I went outside (after letting the car warm up for a good 15 minutes) and I started plugging away at the snow on my car. Trouble is, I am short, weak and not patient. Oh and did I mention that I don’t have gloves or anything other than a jacket to keep me warm while doing this (this is my own fault, I swear gloves are like socks as soon as someone buys them for me they are lost).

Why is this NEVER me?

Anyways after multiple shifts of pushing the snow off with a scraper, sitting in my car to warm up, and repeat. I got very impatient. I really thought most of the snow was cleared and the rest could be taken care of by my handy windshield wipers. I really believe it is their own fault. They lulled me into a false sense of security with all the dependable snow storms. There has been so many times I havent even bothered clearing the car at all because my loyal windshield wipers were there to clear the car for me. They were so strong, dependable and convienent. But my friends, the set me up to FAIL!

When I flipped that little wiper switch, NOTHING HAPPENED! All I heard was some clicking noises but not movement. I begrudgingly got out of the car and finished clearing the car hoping that the clicking was just their warning cry. You know, “I’m trapped, come save me!”. However, when I finished clearing the windshield and tried the switch again…nothing, just clicking.

I told my auto mechanic of a boyfriend and he diagnosed it as a broken wiper transmission. Price tag? $150! And thats with a discount and my boyfriends free labor! My boyfriend gave me a speech about being more careful but all I heard was Chicago’s “They had it coming, they had it coming, they only had themselves to blame. You should’ve been there. You should’ve seen it. I betcha you would have done the same!”

Should’ve tried this line!

So bloggers, tell em I’m wrong! Have you ever landed in a similar snow debacle?