Confessions of a Car Dancer

Confession Time: I’m a car dancer. And no, I don’t mean casually moving my torso to the beat while I drive along. I mean all out head bobbing, torso grooving and hands swaying type car dancer. Oh and I also sing. And I mean sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down. Yes, I am that girl you look at when you are stopped at a red light and wonder if she knows people can see and hear her.

Well to answer your question. I do know. And I don’t care!

Dancing in the car is one of the ways I like to relieve stress. I was a dancer for ten years of my life and I absolutely love to sing (even if it is limited to karaoke). It would be absolutely silly for me to not take advantage of a juke box on wheels (yes I did steal that from a country song).

What was surprising to me was to find out that there are others out there who shamelessly embrace their desire to rock it out in a car. I found a whole Youtube channel titled “Highway Sing-Along”. I will admit this guy is a bit more ambitious than me. He actually involves other drivers in his antics asking them to sing and dance along with him. I am more of a one woman show type performer.

Regardless of our differences this guy really makes me smile and I think you bloggers could use a smile like that to end the week. So I want to share my favorite video of his channel for you to enjoy:

So bloggers it’s your time to confess. Are you a car dancer?