It Works!

I want to start this post by saying I will make it short and it will be the ONLY post about this. I do not want my blog to become a sales blog. That being said, I have started out on a new venture. On top of my part time and full time job I have decided to become a direct sales consultant for “It Works.” I am hoping this company will help supplement my income enough to get myself out of debt. After the unemployment last year it is taking a lot to try and catch up so I am willing to work hard to get where I need to be.

So what is “It Works”? This company sells all types of natural products to help with your appearance. Their flagship product is the wrap. Have you tried that crazy wrap thing? Basically the wrap is meant as nutrients for your body to help tighten and tone you. The common misconception is that it will help you lose weight. This is not the purpose of the product. We also sell products such as protein powder and greens which can help you along this weight loss goal. These products are meant to be used together. There is no quick fix!

One of the best sellers that we have is a product called Hair, Skin and Nails. This product is a supplement packed with biotin that allows your hair to grow healthy and strong. This is such a great product and really who doesnt want to have beautiful hair?

If you want to try a product we ask that you commit to three months. If you do that you will be considered a loyal customer and will receive a big discount off the top. For example a box of 4 wraps sells for $99. If you agree to be a loyal customer you will receive that same box of for for $59.99. It is worth it!

If you are interested in trying any of these products leave me a comment with your email and I will get back to you with more info!

Thank you all for supporting me on my new adventure!


Flirtatious Fibs

Listening to my favorite radio station the other day I came across an interesting tidbit of information: According to Redbook magazine, 48 % of women lie when they flirt. Now although this didn’t at all shock me this got me to thinking, what do women lie about? I have complied a top five list of lies I think women must use when venturing out into the dating scene.

5) “No really, this is my natural hair color.”- Whether the woman’s hair is purple, rainbow or a nice bleach blonde any one woman would like you to believe her hair is natural, no matter how unrealistic that may be. As a guy who is looking to take this flirtation to the next level the best course of action is to smile and agree. Here are some suggested responses: “How do you keep it so shiny?”, “I couldn’t picture you with ANY other hair color.” “Your hair is the most natural looking in the room.” Any of these coy replies are sure to get your lady smiling and interested in the next step.

How could I not think its natural?

4) “I am actually super important at my job.”- Every girl wants to believe that without their pretty little face every day the operation will stop. However, most girls, especially ones in their teens or twenties aren’t quite as important as they’d like to be at work. But, you, Mr. New Guy, you don’t know that. So this is her big chance to seem important. Don’t go ruining it for her. Shower her with awe and praise as she tells you how important she is and how the place just couldn’t go on without her. This is her moment to shine, let her have it.

I even got an award- I am THAT important!

3) “I just don’t have the money to drink tonight”- Did you notice how her eyes became big like a baby deer’s and she cocked her head to the side like a sad baby animal? This is your que to get off your stool and go buy her a drink of her choice. She is by no means too broke to drink but she now has your attention and realizes there is a much cheaper way to drink than spending her money, she can spend yours. If you are interested you better buy this girl a drink or she will move on to the guy at the end of the bar with his credit card ready.

Or she might move on after you buy her the drink…welp maybe next time…

2) “Really, they are JUST friends.” Don’t get me wrong this could be the truth. But in 95 % of situations this is at least a bit of an exaggeration. If the girl you are digging has a few boys hanging around there is a reason to be concerned. She either has a mafia type scenario waiting for you to screw up enough for her to set them loose on you or she has a few back up plans just in case you don’t work out. Before you begin flirting with the “one of the guys” type check your ego at the door this girl is prepared for all you have to bring and she is packing a punch.

Just Friends

1) “I am really (insert age here)”- Any girl no matter what her age has felt the need to lie about their age when flirting. Whether it be the cougar looking to get the 20 year old or it be the 16 year old looking to find her sugar daddy- we have all lied about our age. The important part is to find out how much the age gap really matters. Is this old lady worth putting your college career on hold for? Is this adolescent worth possibly being jailed for? Just remember any time you meet a new girl chances are she is NOT whatever age she tells you she is. This number may not come out until marriage- you have been warned.

Ladies, what lies have you told while flirting with a new cutie? Gentlemen, what are some of the lies the ladies have told you?