Medical Coverage: Part by Part

Have you ever read an article and been offended starting right from the title? Huffington Post published one of those articles for me. The title read: ”

Women Should Pay More For Health Insurance Because They Have Breasts And Ovaries, Says Fox Expert”

Okay, I’m sorry what now? So the fact that men have testicles and a prostate are irrelevant I am guessing? But I was so enraged and praying that this article would redeem itself that I read on.

“”We only have the prostate. Women have the breasts, the ovaries, the uterus, they get checked in every part.”

Okay so I will ignore the fact that the “expert” seems unfamiliar with his own anatomy and will tackle his argument. So the theory here is because women get checked in more “parts” according to him this means we should pay more?

He even goes on to say, “…Guys, we don’t like to go to doctors, right?”

Okay so now he wants the male gender rewarded for being lazy and not responsible when it comes to their own personal health. Awesome argument.

What he fails to mention in his perfectly crafted argument is that men have a higher and younger mortality rate. Shouldn’t this factor in somewhere?

I did a little digging and found an article explaining 11 reasons men die sooner than women and want to know the one I found most interesting?

According to this article on MSN Healthy Living, ” Men are also more likely than women to die from injuries, suicide, respiratory cancer, cirrhosis of the liver and coronary heart disease.”

Now I am not a doctor but this would imply to me that men actually need MORE medical attention or at least more extensive medical attention. Women might get checked more but men get sick more. Seems to somewhat balance out does it not?

Of course there are a million and one more factors that must go into this but I think one thing is certain, the number of “parts” either gender has should not dictate a damn thing.

What do you bloggers think? Do you agree with the “expert” here?