Cajun Turkey Sandwich!

I will admit to my fellow bloggers that I am not much of a sandwich person. Problem is I get bored very, very fast with all type of food. A long time ago I had a boyfriend who worked at Subway. In order for me to be able to eat any of the subs he made for me he came up with a plan. Instead of making me a sub out of turkey or roast beef or whatever he made me a sub that changed as I ate it. The first quarter might have been roast beef with lettuce and mayo, then the next section could have been turkey with mustard, and the next section could have been salami with something and so on. This was the ONLY sandwich I have ever been able to eat in it’s entirety (except the last bite, but that is another post entirely).

Until now that is.

My friend posted about this “awesome” sandwich she made a few weeks back. I took a screen shot of the ingredients and logged it in the back of my mind as a I will try it when I am out of ideas. Well that moment came this past week. I will admit I was less than excited to try it out but I liked the idea that it was fast for a weeknight. So I figured, why not?

Here are the ingredients:

Cajun Turkey

Bulkie Roll




Iceberg lettuce

For the bacon she used already cooked bacon in a box. We had some frozen bacon so we decided to fry it up fresh for the sandwich.

I will admit the sandwich was super hot but it was also extremely good! Both my boyfriend and I were surprised at how much flavor there was! And of course it was quick and easy to make. Here it is right before my first bite:


Do you guys have any sandwiches you love making on a week night? I would love to hear about them!


Dunkaroos Have Returned!

In basically every “You know you are a 90’s kid if…” list you find the infamous dunkaroo snack. There is no explaining why these graham crackers dipped in a cake frosting substance captured our 12 year old hearts but they certainly did. If I opened my lunch to find one of these amazing snacks my whole day would be just a little brighter.

Sadly, I have been unable to find these snacks in the last few years. Doing some internet research I find that they are still sold in select stores but they have yet to cross my path. Desperate for a dunkaroo fix to bring me back to my childhood years I went to Pinterest. Low and Behold a recipe awaited me to make this fantastic snack right at home. And whats better? Its only three ingredients!

Find the original post here: http://leemeandthegirls.blogspot.com/2011/09/embracin-camera-and-it-tastes-like-cake.html

This recipe didnt give exact portions for a large batch so it was kind of a trial and error type thing. We started with the three ingredients lined up and ready to go:

All three ingredients!

All three ingredients!

Then we put them all together in a bowl and mixed them up:

Mixing Stage 1

Mixing Stage 1

After we stirred for a bit with a spoon we decided the consistency just wasn’t quite right. The main site gave little direction for this so we decided to try blending the ingredients:

Blend it up!

This did the trick! The dip worked out just perfectly! Brought me right back to my days in grade school. The last thing to figure out was what to dip in it. After some debate we settled on Honey Flavored Teddy Grahams 🙂



And there you have it! A quick and easy snack the whole family will love!

So bloggers is there a snack from your childhood you would like to re-create?


Flash-Soft, LLC

Generally, I don’t blog about things that happen in my personal life. However, my father has created a program that I think some bloggers might really want to know about. His software is called Flash-Points and I am asking all my blogging friends to go and check it out!

So what is it you ask? This program is made for the Restaurant Fire Suppression industry and it is used to design a fire suppression system in the easiest way possible.

            This program incorporates Flash to allow you to design your fire suppression system with drag and drop technology, calculates which nozzles are needed, allows you to rotate the picture to front or rear facing and allows you to save and print to show it to the Fire Marshal when you are all set and ready to go.

The first time I saw this program I thought of True Space. This program is easy for anyone to use and makes a necessary  job – dare I say fun? The best part about this program if you go check it out now is they are offering a free demo! Try out the demo and once you are hooked (because you will be) go ahead and order a copy for yourself.

Now I realize that this software is for a target audience so not everyone reading might be interested. This is where I need your help. I am calling to all my blogger friends to spread the word. Post about it on your blog, make a link on your blog for other people who may be interested, tweet about it, Facebook about it- whatever you can to get the word out!

Go check out the website here: http://www.flash-soft.com

When you share this please leave me a comment and let me know what you did to spread the word. I appreciate all the help!


Burger King Delivers?

Ok so I had heard rumors that fast food restaurants like Burger King and Mcdonalds were toying with the idea of delivery. I however was never informed that this idea actually came to fruition. However, searching the web I came across Burger King’s website with this link:


Seriously?! So not only is America going to remain one of the most overweight countries but we are really holding down the fort as one of the laziest countries as well. In my opinion, if we are going to stuff our face with the amount of fat, grease and sodium that is packed into these meals then at the very least we should be required to take the walk to our car and the walk back up to the office- there are already drive thru’s so its not like we have to go in the place!

As a girl who lived most of my high school infatuated with the salty fries at Mcdonalds along with the two cheeseburger meal I have to say I am not impressed with this change. Going to places like this should NOT be convenient. Based on the prices and convenience alone people will begin making places like this a nightly routine. Has no one seen “Supersize Me?”

So here is my plea- Burger King- customers will come to you based on your prices and deliciousness alone- but please make us work for it. After a meal at your establishment we need to make that walk to the car to assure that we still can. None of us want to turn out to be another star in a documentary about how fast food ruined our lives. So please make the lazy and impressionable people like me work for our Burger King- because trust me we will.


How My Panera Ordering Habits Made Me Facebook Famous!

So, the other day at work while enjoying a bread bowl filled with Broccoli and Cheese soup from Panera, I turned to facebook to ask a random question. “Does anyone actually eat the bread bowl when getting soup in a bread bowl from Panera?” I logged off Facebook and went about my day expecting to have one or two comments of basically yes, no or maybe. No big deal…however…I did not take into consideration how much of a big deal Panera is and how much outrage this question would cause. The responses were almost unanimous and sounded something like:

“Of course! The bread bowl is the best part!”

Now I should mention this was one of the most popular statuses I have posted hands down. People I don’t even talk to added their two cents on this. And from this I learned that I am a Panera wierdo. My weird ordering habits do not stop at the bread bowl that I never eat (does anyone else notice that it is awfully hard to pull apart and just tastes like regular bread when the soup is all gone?) Moving on….

I order only two options at Panera- either you pick two with Broccoli and Cheese and Roast beef Asiago with chips as my side or Bread Bowl with Brocoli and Cheese. I am not adventurous I play it safe. So why is that weird you ask, what could possibly be weird about this totally normal order. You are missing one ingredient- me!

To start, my side of chips are not for a nice light snack after my meal. No, my chips are to be smothered in all the soup they can hold without breaking. The more dips I do the more salt that mixes in with the soup. This is my FAVORITE part of Panera. I don’t do this with just any chips. Only Panera chips! Don’t ask why, this is just a weird Panera habit.

What else? Oh I order the Roast beef Asiago with no horseradish however I don’t eat the onions yet ALWAYS get them on my sandwich. Its not that I forget. Its that I WANT them to touch my sandwich. The idea that they were there at some point makes me feel the sandwich is somehow healthier. Like the onion juice is sopped into the roast beef now and I get some of the healthiness. Illogical- but fact.

Finally, on the days that I order a drink I don’t order a soft drink. Why? Because I order lemonade. Not because I like it better- in fact I prefer soda especially in the winter. However, lemonade comes all ready for you in the cup without extra walking or struggling with the lid. Laziness yes, however this laziness only manifests in Panera! Every other place I will get my soft drink and shuffle on over to the drink machine and make my selection. Not at Panera though. As soon as I walk through those doors I order like a side show act from a carnival. But hey at least it made me Facebook famous right?