Flashback Friday: Make a Phone call!

On the radio the other day I heard a survey that peaked my interest. They surveyed a bunch of people and asked them what they use their phone for the most. Listening to the answers I got curious so I posted the same question on Facebook and the answers were basically the same.

Answers were mostly Email, Facebook, Apps, and texting. But clearly there is one thing missing. Making phone calls!

I don’t know about you, but as a kid I was the queen of the phone. I would spend hours upon hours talking to my friends about everything under the sun. I would stay up at night watching scary movies with my friends on the phone. We would get the same magazines and read them over the phone. Anything you can think of to talk about we would talk about over the phone.

Looking back my phone time was more than excessive. If the cordless phone was missing in the house it was certain to be somewhere in my room. It was even a battle many times on Christmas because the one gift I wanted but never got was a phone in my own room. My parents felt I didn’t need a phone in my room and it would just encourage me to be on the phone too much.

Looking at kids now it seems amazing I even talked on the phone at all. Most kids have not made a phone call more than a handful of times and if they do it is because an urgent text went unanswered. There are so many ways to communicate now that the phone call has become almost feared.

But I still think a personal phone call is an important part of any relationship. Nothing beats hearing someone’s voice and knowing how they are feeling. So that is why I chose today Flashback Friday to post this.

I charge all of you reading this blog to make a phone call today. Then to make this a little bigger than just this blog I want you to post a picture of it on a social media of your choice and let me know you did in the comments below.

If we can get even 10 people to make a phone call today that would have normally been a text, Facebook message or nothing at all, I think we accomplished something.


So go make a call!