Children are not props for feminism! There must be a better way!

I have mentioned this before on this blog and I will mention it again, I am a feminist. Not in the way the media tries to portray them though. I am not a man hater. I do no go days without a shower and I don’t eat a strange diet. I just strongly believe in equal rights and I feel we have a long way to go in achieving that goal. That being said when I come across something that attempts to enlighten people about the feminist agenda I need to check it out.

So this past week I came across a video where little girls were dropping the F-bomb to raise awareness for Feminism. It definitely had a buzz about it so I had to check it out.

The one thing I will say for sure is it got attention. Not all positive attention but it got attention. I realize the shock factor is a major component of raising awareness and that they did. However, I am not sure I agree with the tactic.

I don’t think swearing is a huge deal. I would not wash my kids mouth out with soap for saying something I say quite often. However, I do not think using children for a cause and making them spout out things they do not understand is a good tactic. These are children not products you can use however you please. There had to be a better way.

Even doing a dub over of animals giving the speeches might have had a better effect. This would still draw in an audience who were looking for the “cute” element and it would still have that shock factor since the swears are still coming from an unlikely place. The difference is the animals will not actually be required to say anything they don’t understand. They will simply be filmed being cute and the rest will be animation.

Anyone remember Duke?

To me that is a better way to promote the cause. I however am not exactly creative in things like this but I do believe in the cause, so I turn to you.

How would you make this ad better? Tell me in the comments below!


Park you car THEN walk in. Please and Thank You!

So every once in awhile, a status I post on Facebook sparks a little bit of a debate. Well a few weeks ago this happened to me. The status I posted was this:

“Alright ladies please explain this. Why do you need to be dropped off at the door of your destination and your beau has to catch up with you after parking???”

The inspiration for this was basically every trip to the grocery store ever! I always end up stuck behind some car waiting at the front of the store to let the woman out. I have to sit there and wait for her to collect her things, cross in front of the car, and the car to begin moving again before I can park. Almost every time the woman who gets out is middle aged at most, no disabilities and seemingly perfectly capable of walking from a parking spot into the grocery store. But it still happens time and time again.

The responses on the status started off pretty affirmative. Other women felt this was absurd. I felt validated. But then the generation gap reared its ugly head. Women that were closer to my parent’s age and up felt this was “chivalrous” or “polite”.

The logic basically was that a man should offer this to a woman because it is the right thing to do. I was told “why should two people get wet?”. I mulled these words over and over in my head but still I am not on board.

My feeling is this: If you are elderly or have a disability of course you should get special treatment in this regard (handicap parking anyone?). However, women are always begging for equal rights yet expect a man to drop them at the door of the store instead of walking with them from a parking spot? How is that equal?

I have two legs and I am perfectly capable of walking the same distance as my boyfriend. In fact I would rather walk in with in rather than worrying about how we will meet up once in the store. Plus unless I also send him out to retrieve the car while I wait for the chariot to pick me up in front, my little legs will need to make the walk back from the store so what is the difference?!

I am realizing that this is a generation gap issue. So I turn to you bloggers of all ages. What are your feelings on this? Should a woman expect a man to drop her at the door of a store instead of walking with him from the parking spot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!


Free the Nipple?!

Okay for those of you who don’t know, I am a woman. I know that is pretty shocking news. But I am. And as a woman I yearn to be a feminist. I just love the idea of it. Girl power and all of that jazz. But there are so many times I find myself really struggling to get behind a feminist movement. This is one of those times.

Apparently a feminist movement found new strength after Bruce Willis’s daughter made a stink about it. The movement is called “Free the Nipple.” Bruce Willis’s daughter brought this movement to the public attention because instagram would not let her post a picture that had nipples exposed. They were not here nipples but nipples none the less. She did not find this acceptable. So “Free the Nipple” became relevant again.

The idea behind the movement is pretty simple. Women want to de-sexualize the female breast so it will no longer be considered taboo for it to be seen in public. Many women are pointing to the fact that the sexualized female breast is a social construct and is really only a breast. Women want people to see the female breast the same as the male breast. So they want to “Free the Nipple.”

Celebrities like Rihanna and Lady Gaga have shown their support for this movement. Remember that mesh dress Rihanna wore not to long ago that showed off most of her body. That was in support of this movement.

The problem is I just can’t get behind this. In my opinion there is a point of self-respect and decency that should over take feminist ideals. Is it not fair that men can go around topless and women can’t? Maybe. But the fact is men do not have breasts. Yes some have man boobs but they are entirely different. And yes maybe it is a social construct to sexualize them but you know what, I kinda like that social construct. Women like to feel sexy and admired right? Well if you take away all the aspects of a woman that make her sexy what are you left with?

I do believe that breast feeding in public should be allowed and I realize that is a crux of this movement as well. But I also believe that women should have to do it with decency. Cover up while feeding the baby. I don’t think that is asking too much.

Maybe I am wrong to feel this way but I like that there are differences between men and women. It is what make us who we are. I don’t think taking all that away so there is no mystery and no allure is going to help the world. The world would be a pretty boring place. So ladies if you want to go around flopping your boobs in the air for the world to see, go for it. It just isn’t for me.


I know this is a pretty hot topic right now so I am really interested to see what you guys think! Let me know in the comments below!




I’ll Take a Male Boss Please!

I came across this article that stated statistically speaking men and women alike prefer male bosses. Now on first read the woman in me was appalled. Women are just as qualified as men and in some cases more qualified! But then I realized, I too prefer a male boss!

All my bosses minus one were male. For the most part I think I gravitate towards male bosses because even in social situations I gravitate towards men. Girl to girl relationships tend to be complicated and messy and full of drama. Who would want that in a boss? So I really got my thinking cap out and I thought of five reasons why I (as a woman) would prefer a male boss:

5) Women tend to be thinking 5,000 thoughts at one time: Now don’t get me wrong this could be awesome. Your boss could be helping you, your co-worker and a client all at once because we know that women are the best at multi-tasking. However, this often leads to last minute projects and missed deadlines. Not my favorite things to deal with in the work place.

4) Women can’t deny they are emotional: Even the strongest women have emotional moments. Its not always the best for a company for someone to make a decision based on an emotion and sometimes I believe it can be hard to avoid.

3) Children: Yes I love them and yes I want them, but do I want my boss disappearing for a few months so she can have one? Not particularly. This can make the work place a bit stressful and hectic and although there are of course plenty of ways to deal with it, its a obstacle I would rather not endure.

2) Vanity: I am a girl that is VERY low maintenance. Some days I go to work with little to no make up. But with a female boss I feel required to bite the bullet and doll myself up every day for work. Now of course that could just be me being crazy but its something I would rather not deal with. I like my sleep.

1) Other female workers- Women tend to enjoy hiring other women. I prefer working in a male dominated world (hence why I want to be a lawyer) the idea of a female run office kind of scares me. Can you imagine the gossip and drama that would ensue? No thank you!

Of if she was my boss I might make an exception!

Now of course this is pure opinion and colored by my own experiences so feel free to disagree. So bloggers, do you prefer male or female bosses?