Grimm Date Night

You know the one thing about Date nights is coming up with ideas! I always want to do something to make the man smile but sometimes my creativity is lacking. This time around I knew I wanted to do something that would allow me to buy him season 2 of Grimm. His obession with this show is entirely my fault as I bought him season 1 but his pestering about getting it is all on him. Regardless I knew he would really enjoy getting it so I decided to make a date night around it.

Here was the problem. What exactly can two people do when the theme is morbid fairy tales? Well I actually came up with something!

The first episode of season 1 was a Little Red Riding hood theme. So that was my starting point. I decided we would have an indoor picnic ( only because we had no where to really have an outdoor one) and we would play a themed game. Hurdle 1 took no time rearing its ugly head. Picnic baskets that are reasonably priced don’t exist! Target has a $100 one with all the bells and whistles. But my thought is if I want to sit on the ground and eat with my hands, I certainly don’t want to spend $100 for it! So I found a substitute at Savers:


I thought it fit the morbid Red Riding Hood theme plus it’ll make a great DIY project down the road (stay tuned)!

Now since I work all the time I needed to have a way to clue him in to the fun when it was ready since set up had to be done with him at the house. So I let him stay in the other room when I set up and he knew everything was ready when he heard this song:

The song is the one that was playing the most in season 1 episode 1. If you have seen it you know why!

Finally the game! I decided to set up a game I saw on Jimmy Fallon called Box of Lies. It looked like fun and I liked that deception went with my theme. The execution was done by my sister since if I created the boxes I would have been cheating. Here is one of them:

box of lies


Basically the game is simply this: Both people get a box and you must reach in and describe to the other person what you have in the box. You can choose to be honest or lie. It is up to the other person to decide if you are being truthful. Can turn into quite a funny little game!

Overall the date night came together pretty well considering I had limited time. What do you guys think? What would you have done for a Grimm date night?


The “Real” Disney

As a girl who grew up loving all things Disney- I will say the one thing that always bothered me is how unrealistic it all is. To state the obvious the knight in shining armor thing seems less and less likely by the day. Then there’s this whole fairy Godmother business- I don’t know about you but mine must not like me because I have yet to meet her. Then of course there is the fact that each of these princesses are absolutely flawless no matter what type of life they come from. They have the most adorable outfits and their best friends are their pets (ok that part is realistic but mine doesn’t talk!).

My obsession with Disney ran so deep that not only did our family vacation their MULTIPLE times in my childhood but I also interned there for a few months. Working there did help make the whole thing a little more real as I learned a few of the Disney secrets but it still was all a bit surreal. This perfect fairy tale land was always my escape- always that perfect place that doesnt really exist. Needless to say when I realized that this “fairy tale” could become a bit more real I was elated.

My first introduction to real life Disney possibilities in my life was a Disney Wedding:

What girl wouldn’t want a fairy tale wedding like that? But of course to have a fairy tale wedding you would need to look like a princess right? Well then I discovered another way Disney has become a little more real:

So it looks like we can have a fairy tale wedding and look like a princess with the right photographer and clothing- oh shoot clothing- how are we going to get that? Well Disney is one step ahead of us providing us with real life Crystal Slippers- like Cinderellas:

So that settles it! No more doubts! Disney is as real as ever and needs to make my life a fairytale- like right away! Bloggers what Disney fairytale would you like to become a little more real?