Sharknado Date Miss!

One way you know my blog is not a reality show is that unexpected things happen. And not always positive ones. It doesn’t matter how much thought I put into date nights, sometimes they do not work out. Sometimes things happen and we aren’t able to do them like I had hoped. But, that doesn’t mean I can’t share my plans with you so maybe some of you can have success with them.

This date night that never came to be was Sharknado date night. I had heard this movie was funny with a sci-fi theme so I figured it was perfect for us. I checked a few months back and he hadn’t seen it yet so on the list it went. The invite did make it to his car and it looked like this:

shark Invite

But that is as far as the date got. On my way home from work that day I got a phone call that went a little like this:

Him: “Hey so I got your invite and you wouldn’t have gone as far back as Jaws for this one, right?”

Me: “No, why…?”

Him: Because I may have watched Sharknado on Netflix not too long ago…I’m sorry.

And that was that. Date night was squashed. We still had a good time together but never got to our Sharknado theme. In some ways it is good because I never quite settled on the activity. Here were the two main options in my head:

1) Saving Tara Reid: Basically I would fill plastic cups with water. One cup i the middle would have shark teeth on it and the goal is to get the objects into the shark teeth cup to save Tara Reid.

Saving Tara Reid

2) Adopt a Shark: This one would involving adopting a shark here and playing a game to come up with the name. Basically each of us would get a letter and 60 seconds and whoever came up with the best name in that time would win.

So even though this date night didn’t become a reality it doesn’t mean it can’t be for you. If you try it out please let me know what activity you picked and how it worked out!

Have a sharktastic week!


AirForce One Date Night

I know this post is a day late and I missed my post on Friday BUT I got a new job! I now do sales and marketing for a local print shop. And guess what? I love my boss! It is great to work with people who like to hear your input and appreciate your efforts.

But enough about my sob story as to why I am delayed in blogging and on to the post!

Now as I told you before, all my date nights do not go over great. There are times I just miss the mark. This was one of those times. I am still sharing the date with you in hopes that it might be a home-run for someone else.

The movie this date night revolved around was AirForce One. This was my first mistake. Although my boyfriend is a huge war movie buff, he had already seen this movie and was not in love with it. I still need to check the movie out but because of this theme, he was less than enthused about the date.

I started the night by sending him a text with this challenge:


I thought this would be a fun way to end a long day. What I didnt realize is that he was exhausted from his day at work and did not really want to be doing anything too physical. Fail.

The other part of this that failed on my end is I never got around to doing the little “extras” that make the night that much better. I had planned to make some water bottle airplanes but never got around to it.

So needless to say this was a date night that failed but could be some fun for you.

I am always curious of your thoughts. What do you think could’ve been done to save this date night?


I am a parking failure!

I don’t know about you, but I am a parking failure! I don’t mean that I park kinda bad. I mean a flat out failure. I am the girl that parks at the absolute last spot in a parking lot to make sure I am not near any other cars. Not only do I fear hitting cars while I try to park but I also fear pissing off new parkers by my sideways parking job.

This is not new information but when I saw this article on Hello Giggles I knew I was not alone. It really is true that no one would love me if they saw me park before it was too late.

My poor boyfriend has to constantly drive places because it is very clear I won’t be able to park. Parallel parking? Forget a bout it! Tiny parking lot, probably shouldn’t even try. Small parking spaces? Not this girl. The trouble is endless and I am sure frustrating for someone who does not suffer this disability.

So to start off my Friday I decided to check out googles best “bad parkers”. Here are my top 3:

1) Well this one way to make a spot for yourself:

2) I don’t know if this is bad parking or just a smart self serving parker:

3) Why it is NEVER smart to park in front of a fire hydrant…

Are you a parking failure? Tell me about some of your experiences!