Why This Girl Wants To Be A Combat Juggler

As many of you know I am currently on a fitness kick. I am doing personal training once a week and trying my best to keep myself motivated throughout the rest of the week. I am not looking to lose weight but rather to gain muscle. The problem with this is I am not the body type that looks like I need to work out. That being said motivation is hard to come by.

I have been wracking my brain for a fun way to work out that is different and will keep me engaged. Kickboxing? Could be good for aggression. Jogging? Well I can’t run a mile so that might not work out for long. Zumba? Could be a fun possibility but not a fan of groups. Combat Juggling? Well that is one interesting idea!

Combat Juggling is a sport I recently learned about that is both out of the box and a great way to get out aggression (at least in my head). Since I am a girl who loves lists I decided to make a list of five reasons why I should try combat juggling as my new sport of choice:

5) Great for Eye/ Hand Coordination: This will be important if I ever become a wife- I will need to be able to see the back of my husbands head and connect the pan in my hand with it effectively and without hesitation to avoid suspicion.

4) Adrenaline Rush: This is such a good feeling to be able to understand. When a car falls on your child every mother wants to be able to harness the full power of an adrenaline rush to lift a car like the bionic woman. This sport will help train me for those catastrophes!

3) Combat the Fear of Clowns: Okay so there is nothing in the rules saying clowns have to be present at combat juggling but c’mon when you think juggling what image comes to mind? That red nose and creepy smile? Ya, me too. And as a girl petrified of those unreadable faces this will be a way to face my fears head on.

2) Aggression Relief: It is actually in the rules that you can throw balls at your opponents. What can be better than this? Feeling a little upset? Throw something at your opponent and get points for it! Winning!

1) Build Arm Strength: Juggling might not sound hard but try doing it for any length of time especially with weighted objects. Feeling it? This sport can help build your arms bigger than Serena Williams. Okay maybe not that far but pretty damn close!

So bloggers what type of unique exercise do you do to keep you motivated?