I almost DIED on Big Thunder Mountain!

One thing on this blog has never been a secret, I LOVE DISNEY! I collect eeyore, I have taken multiple vacations there, I watch their films like Willy Wonka eats chocolate and I worked there for a few months during college. Needless to say Disney is in my blood.

What I never shared is I almost died on a ride on my first trip there. And yes I am serious and I have recently found out I am not the only one who found out the dangers of this particular ride.

Big Thunder Mountain.

So let me bring you to that day. I was five years old. Adorable little nugget with long brown straight hair. I was excited to ride a big kid ride with my dad and oblivious to the dangers ahead. I was a skinny little thing and short just like I am now. My dad on the other hand was a larger lad. This meant that the bar meant to keep us safe stopped where it was comfortable for him, leaving a ton of room for me to wiggle and move.

Not safe.

Another mark against me was we were in the FRONT CAR. I have no idea why that would even be considered a good idea but there ya have it.

When my little body took off on this ride the G-Force basically carried me right out of the ride. My dad had to put his leg and arm over me just to hold me in and even that was a struggle for him. There were moments during the ride where he was sure I was about to go tumbling down the side of the mountain. The experience was so terrifying for both of us that neither of us are willing to ride the ride again.

This came up because I recently found out that someone actually DIED on this ride. Yes someone died on Big Thunder Mountain. The article found here states that the staff failed to perform “key preventative maintenance tasks.” That idea horrifies me!

So not only will you let a child ride this ride without properly being strapped in to the ride but it is also okay to forget to do key maintenance?!

I should note roller coasters scare me so this is part of a larger issue but the fact remains, safety should always be key!

Disney I will always love you but when stories like this exist about you I begin to question the safety of every other park as well!

I do not think my fear of roller coasters is seeing any chance of relief anytime soon so I turn to you bloggers, have you had any life threatening roller coaster experiences to share?


I have a thing for handles…

One thing I love about this blog is it is a safe place to share my confessions. This one has been weighing on me for some time. I didn’t know who to share it with because I didn’t want to get those odd sideways glances. I didn’t want to tell my boyfriend and cause unnecessary jealousy. So I held it in. But I can’t hold it in any longer. I want to shout it from the roof tops. I have a thing….not a small thing but a large thing…an obsession really…don’t judge me but…

I have a thing for handles.

Phew. There I said it. That was a huge relief. I can breathe a little easier now. It is out there for the whole world to know. No more secrets.

But how did it happen you ask? How did this obsession manifest? Well it all started in Disney (where many things for me have started). A few years ago I was in Disney looking for some dishes to have in my first apartment. I searched high and low for the perfect stuff that would be absolutely me. While in Epcot I stumbled in to a shop in France and fell in love.


The bowl came in both the style pictured above and one that said “Cafe Au Lait” or coffee with milk. I had no idea what I would use these bowls for but I had to have them. And you know what? I use them for everything! They are my go to bowl! Not only do I love the sayings on them but the handles are amazing. Bowl too hot? Don’t worry the handle is just right! Need to carry more than one thing? Don’t worry the handle takes up less space in your hand. The handle makes the bowl a perfect addition to apartment life.

But a handle obsession is more than a bowl obsession. I also now have become obsessed with using mugs (with handles) for everyday drinking. This has extended beyond coffee and tea that it was made for. Juice, why not? Soda, of course. And the list goes on. The handle makes it possible for me to balance more than one thing. It makes drinking on a sofa much safer. And it makes attacks from the dog easier to ward off.

But wait there is more… trash bags. Okay this is about to get weird. But I now only buy trash bags with handles. Yes they do have them. I feel this is logical because I am not the strongest person. The handle gives me a little extra control and makes it a little easier to not break the bag as I head down the stairs.

As I started realizing my obsession I decided to look around for more handle issues…handles on my purse, handle on my planner, dreaming of a handle for my phone case…where else can I put handles?!

So now that I have confessed my dirty little secret it is time for you bloggers to confess. What little obsession do you have in the home that no one else knows? Maybe not even you just yet…


Left Out of the Marriage Loop

Alright I am not sure if this is just a girl thing, but us girls definitely have our ups and downs when we are thinking about our future and more importantly marriage. Alright maybe its not a girl thing, maybe its just me. Either way, the older I get the more and more hopeless I feel about getting married. And yes I realize it is ridiculous. I am only 25, I have an amazing boyfriend and really whats the rush? But this post is about just how much has changed in only a few years.

21 year old me was bright with promise. I had the perfect guy dreamed up in my head and I was ready to kiss as many frogs as it took to find my prince. Disney really affected this girl. I had high expectations and didn’t think anything of it. I knew what I wanted and I was willing to wait to get it just right.

I blame both!

As the time passed I started to get a little more worried but for the most part the hopeless romantic in me stayed intact. Each heartbreak taught me something new and I refined my perfect guy to match the lessons I had learned. Each time thinking it was good that I went through that so I know better of what I want.

But here I am now at 25. My newsfeed is flooded daily with engagement announcements, marriage announcements and yes new born babies. Each post that pops up I feel just a little more behind. And the more behind I feel the more hopeless I feel. And frankly that is just silly.

I am happier than I have ever been in my life. Things are great. But for some reason I still feel left out as I watch everyone pair off with forever in their grasp.

I found a video on Youtube and although the ages are different I think its quite perfect and it definitely made me laugh:

Does anyone else suffer from this ridiculous problem?


The Spell Block Tango

As many of you know I have been struggling to find motivation to get back into writing my book. However, when I do get in the mood I like to listen to Cell Block Tango from Chicago to get myself in the right head space. Since my story is about murder it really gets my mind in the right place. If you haven’t seen the video make sure to check it out here.

Anyways when I saw that there was a Disney rendition of this song I was more than excited. As you all know I am a huge Disney fan and this song is really such a great inspiration for my book I had to see this new video. This video was created by Toddrick Hall and uses Disney Characters to create the “Spell Block Tango”. The video is really well done and I think I may even like it more than the original.

However, with everything amazing, it can always be better. The one thing I struggled with in this video is that Scars is not a female. At the beginning of the video Captain Hook says it is the six murderess’ but Scarz is not a girl. So in this post I would like to suggest three Disney villans that could’ve been use in his place.

As a disclaimer I would like to say that I understand that Scarz was picked for artistic reasons. For one to keep true to the original story line and for two to allow the male writer to be in the video. Honestly it was extremely well done but I thought this post would be a fun way to imagine some Disney villans as murderess’.

Without further ado:

3) Yzma from the “Emperors New Groove: “Well you see Emperor Kuzco was like a son to me. I not only raised him while his parents were just too busy but I was also the family chemist for longer than he can even remember. So when he decided it was time to fire me what was I to do? Without me he would have had nothing so I made sure he knew that, he can’t have anything if he’s dead.”

2) Helga Sinclair from “The Lost Empire: “After throwing me off the balloon with the pathetic words “nothing personal” he basically asked for this. What is a girl to do when the man she loves lets her dies with no remorse? But I didn’t just throw him off a cliff. No that would have been cowardly. I was an army woman and I respected my commander enough to let him die with honor. I shot him right in the heart- the one muscle he seemed to lack.”

1) Lady Tremaine “Cinderella”- “Ah yes I know what you are thinking, ‘how could you kill Prince Charming, what could he have possibly done to you’. Let me explain. Not only did he pick the most wretched of my daughters (if you can even call her that) but he also took away my maid. If I had let him have his way I would have had to clean the floors, the dishes, do the dusting and god knows what else by myself! I couldn’t have that. So I took him away before he could take her. Trust me, you would have done the same!”

Watch the Spell Block Tango here! Let me know what you think!

Alright bloggers what did you think? Any other female villans you can think of that would have made an awesome character for this video?


Save Figment!

As many of my blogging buddies know by now, I am a self proclaimed Disney nerd. I have grown up surrounding by disney movies, shows and toys. My family took multiple vacations to Disney world. I even worked in Disney world for a short period of time. With this information out there it is no surprise that distressing news like retiring a beloved character might get my panties in a twist.

Figment, is the purple dragon that appears in the Journey to Imagination ride in Epcot. This little guy’s ride has been through quite a few revamps  but he has been in the park for quite some time. The first revamp of the ride actually took Figment away and the people pushed back. Everyone wanted to see Figment back in the ride. Disney listened, and Disney returned Figment with another revamp.

I will be the first to admit that Figment has not been the same since the original ride. Disney tried to do multiple things with the ride and the results have ranged from creepy to annoying. But Figment is still one of my favorite Disney characters hands- down. He has a place in the park and I hate to see rumors of him retiring.

Whats worse? The rumor is that Disney will replace him with Phineas and Ferb. Now, I get the idea of capitalizing on characters that have made the company money. However, I think there is something to be said for park only characters. Anyone who has not been to the park won’t know who Figment is but likely if they know someone who has been they will want to see him. Word of mouth is a powerful tool and I think a park only character is a draw for a larger audience (not that Disney needs any help luring guests!).

Figment was a ride that appealed to all ages (at least in its original form). Phineas and Ferb just by its association with a kids show will deter adults guests. I think this should seriously be considered before retiring the beloved dragon!

So I turn to you bloggers, is anyone else sad to hear of the possible retirement of Figment? If so, share this post! Get the word out and let Disney know you want Figment to stay. Disney listened once we just have to make sure they hear!


The “Real” Disney

As a girl who grew up loving all things Disney- I will say the one thing that always bothered me is how unrealistic it all is. To state the obvious the knight in shining armor thing seems less and less likely by the day. Then there’s this whole fairy Godmother business- I don’t know about you but mine must not like me because I have yet to meet her. Then of course there is the fact that each of these princesses are absolutely flawless no matter what type of life they come from. They have the most adorable outfits and their best friends are their pets (ok that part is realistic but mine doesn’t talk!).

My obsession with Disney ran so deep that not only did our family vacation their MULTIPLE times in my childhood but I also interned there for a few months. Working there did help make the whole thing a little more real as I learned a few of the Disney secrets but it still was all a bit surreal. This perfect fairy tale land was always my escape- always that perfect place that doesnt really exist. Needless to say when I realized that this “fairy tale” could become a bit more real I was elated.

My first introduction to real life Disney possibilities in my life was a Disney Wedding:

What girl wouldn’t want a fairy tale wedding like that? But of course to have a fairy tale wedding you would need to look like a princess right? Well then I discovered another way Disney has become a little more real:

So it looks like we can have a fairy tale wedding and look like a princess with the right photographer and clothing- oh shoot clothing- how are we going to get that? Well Disney is one step ahead of us providing us with real life Crystal Slippers- like Cinderellas:

So that settles it! No more doubts! Disney is as real as ever and needs to make my life a fairytale- like right away! Bloggers what Disney fairytale would you like to become a little more real?