Crazy Ants!

So the other day I come home from work and I start getting ready to go out. I hop in the shower, towel off and get ready to use my hair dryer…but it wont turn on. I try every outlet in the house- no luck. I then examine the wire and lo and behold there are tiny little bit marks, not chewed through, but chewed enough that the dryer will no longer work. I then proceed to check my straightener and hair curler to find the same fate. Realizing that my poor pup must be a little angry at me for all the time she has been alone due to the crazy hours I have pulled I decide to spend the night snuggled up with her.

Driving to work the next day I casually listen to random chatter on the radio- when I hear it- the answer to my problem that does not in any way put blame on my poor innocent angel of a pup. Crazy Ants! I was so excited to learn about these little buggers that I started telling everyone and the response was unanimous- laughter and a lot of it. Most people figured I dreamed it or made it up to keep my poor pup outta trouble. This post is for you naysayers!

According to ABC news (my source is even legit isn’t it?)  The Crazy Ant” finds its way into a transformer and grazes against a hot wire. It gets electrocuted, and immediately “waves its abdomen in the air (called gaster flagging) to release its own brand of perfume, which lures many more ants to the scene.

If they touch their fallen comrade, or a hot switch, they too will be electrocuted, sending more pheromones into the air and calling even more ants to their location.

Pretty soon, there are so many dead ants that the electric switches can’t close, or the insulation is fried and the system short circuits.”

See what I mean? This MUST be the answer! The fact that these Ants have mostly only been seen in Texas, Missouri and Louisiana is irrelevant. Clearly MY apartment is the first case! My dog is off the hook no need to be mad at her when clearly there is a new breed of ant that must’ve done this damage!

So bloggers have you come across this crazy little bugger? Or do you have an animal you would like to get off the hook by claiming you have?