Zombie Date Night

Now you guys know I love sharing my date nights with you, which is why I have another one to share. However, in the spirit of honesty I will tell you this one did not turn out the way I had hoped. After planning the night the boyfriend actually hurt himself at work and was unable to partake in the “activity” part of the night. That is now on our “to-do” list. But I will share the night as it should have gone.

Recently I got my boyfriend into the Walking Dead and we finished all the episodes available on Netflix. Not quite ready to end the zombie fun I decided to make a date outta it. This is what I came up with…

When he got home he was as usual greeted with his front door indicator. This time, this is what he saw:

Then when he came in the house he was served dinner. Now dinner was a bit harder to decide on because I mean really what is there to eat during a zombie apocalypse? All I could think was twinkies but that is not exactly dinner. So I decided to go a little creepy with it:

worms on a bun

Worm on a Bun

When you are desperate anything looks appetizing right?

Then once dinner was over he was handed his zombie survival kit:

zombie survival

Crude I know. But it did its job. In it was scratch tickets, squirt gun and the activity portion: Groupon to have an archery lesson!

My thought was the best way to kill zombies would be to take after my Walking Dead man crush Darrel, bow and arrow the suckers!

He was super excited but sadly couldn’t do it. I am hoping we will make use of the groupon soon though!

Anyways what did you think of our zombie date night?


His and Her Thank You Jars!

As I was surfing pinterest a few weeks ago I came across a craft that was actually in my wheelhouse. The craft can be found here: http://hooahandhiccups.blogspot.com/2012/11/thanks-jar.html?showComment=1352334812131#c8561635180488819403.

Basically, they decided to make a “Thank you” jar for the family. They used odds and ends around the house and made a jar. Now the whole family can put things they are thankful for in the jar in celebration of Thanksgiving. I really liked this idea but being in a house of only two people it sounded a bit silly to me. But then I thought of a way to put a semi- romantic spin on things.

Being someone who hardly says thank you to anyone, I thought this could be a good opportunity to show my boy I really do appreciate him. We decided to make His and Her Thank you Jars. We made one jar for each of us, one boy and one girl. We are going to put little things in them that we are thankful to the other person for. This way we can say thanks without even opening our mouth. Sounds perfect to me! Without further ado check out our jars:

For the “His” jar we used some ribbon to make a tie and we put a little mustache from mustache duct tape on him. You cant see it in the pic but under his tie there are three circles we thought looked like buttons. Then down the sides of the jar it says thank you.

On the top of the jar we took doily and put the word “His” on it and cut a slip to put in our paper.

The “Her” jar was a bit more elaborate. We used present ribbons to make blonde hair. We used a pinky purple scrunchy for the skirt. And if you squint hard you can see the massive red sparkly bow on the back of her head. Her “thank you” is right across the front.

Same jar top as the “His” one but this one says ” Hers” 🙂

Arent they precious? I think my first entry into the “His” jar should be ” I am grateful you took the time to make my silly thank you jars with me!” Hope you liked our silly craft! Let me know what you thought below!

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