I’m a Cheater!

Bloggers I feel like Fridays are a good day for confessions. A way to purge your conscience and wipe the slate clear. So here it goes.

I cheated. Yes you heard me right, I cheated. The thing is I think they already know. I mean they have to at least suspect right? During this time I spent a lot less time with my love. I was so hooked on this sexy alternative. But it was a fling. My heart still belongs to my one and only. But it happened and I feel like today is the day to come clean.

Here is the thing, I was in college. I was very busy and the fling was so very convenient. He was right on campus. And honestly everyone was always talking about him. At first it started as a one time thing. I figured I would just see what all the hype was about. Get it out of my system so I could stop thinking about it. But then I was hooked on the hype. I couldn’t stop. And the guilt kept me away from my love. I was afraid he would know I had cheated. So I kept cheating. It was a vicious cycle.

So why do I come clean now? So many years later? Because my friend Ronnie wrote this post. And this post says how my love is just “too hott”. Can you believe that? TOO HOTT? That is one of the things I love about him. He is just so hott that I am forced to savor him. Little by little. Enjoying him that much longer before our time is up.

The post made me feel I had to profess my love and come clean about it all. I wanted to be clear that my heart belongs to only one.

Oh did I mention that I was talking about coffee? No? Well I am. I cheated on Dunkin Donuts with Starbucks.

Coffee lovers have you ever cheated on your coffee of choice? Do you regret it?


Confessions of a Car Dancer

Confession Time: I’m a car dancer. And no, I don’t mean casually moving my torso to the beat while I drive along. I mean all out head bobbing, torso grooving and hands swaying type car dancer. Oh and I also sing. And I mean sing at the top of my lungs with the windows down. Yes, I am that girl you look at when you are stopped at a red light and wonder if she knows people can see and hear her.

Well to answer your question. I do know. And I don’t care!

Dancing in the car is one of the ways I like to relieve stress. I was a dancer for ten years of my life and I absolutely love to sing (even if it is limited to karaoke). It would be absolutely silly for me to not take advantage of a juke box on wheels (yes I did steal that from a country song).

What was surprising to me was to find out that there are others out there who shamelessly embrace their desire to rock it out in a car. I found a whole Youtube channel titled “Highway Sing-Along”. I will admit this guy is a bit more ambitious than me. He actually involves other drivers in his antics asking them to sing and dance along with him. I am more of a one woman show type performer.

Regardless of our differences this guy really makes me smile and I think you bloggers could use a smile like that to end the week. So I want to share my favorite video of his channel for you to enjoy:

So bloggers it’s your time to confess. Are you a car dancer?