My version of Choctoberfest!

Sometimes when I begin planning a date night I decide to throw all my previous ideas out the window and go with something that someone else has already perfected and make it my own. Coming off of a failed date night I wanted to be sure this date night was a win. And it was…in some ways.

This date night is eloquently titled “Choctoberfest” by the Dating Divas. I get lots of ideas and inspiration from them so it should come as no surprise that this date came from them with a little of my own twist to it. I love the idea of Oktoberfest but I knew that a date in the house was preferable to a big party with lots of drinking so this date night was a perfect fit for us.

To see the Dating Divas date click here!

The thing I loved about their date was the chocolate fountain. Now of course being on a budget a chocolate fountain was not possible for me…but that doesn’t mean chocolate fondue is out of the question.

Instead of a chocolate fountain I bought bags of chocolate chips and melted them in the microwave. Simple as that. I now had a bowl of melted chocolate ready for dipping!

melted chocolate

From here we needed to decide what we were gonna dip. The dating divas also made chocolate treats so their dipping items were not very extensive. We were using this food to eat for the night so we needed a bit more options. We came up with a pretty decent spread:

Our spread

The only thing I didnt get out that I wanted to was the bacon. Chocolate covered bacon is amazing and I really wanted my boyfriend to try it but time constraints made that not happen. Next time!

And finally as always with my date nights I had to have a movie to pair with it. This time the movie was appropriately “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.”

Charlie and Choco

The boy had never seen it and I hadnt seen it in awhile. Its not my favorite Johnny Depp movie but it has some fun parts so it was a nice silly distraction from daily life.

So my friends I ask you, what is your favorite thing to dip in chocolate?