Doc Brown and Uncle Fester just might be the same person (at least the same actor)!

So the other day I was flipping through channels and I came across the Adams Family. There will never come a day when I am not in the mood to watch the Adams Family. As a kid I wanted to be just like Wednesday. I realize she is an odd role model choice, but needless to say I was an odd kid.

Anyways while watching the movie I realized many of the actors have gone on to be characters in other movies that I love and I just never noticed. The one that stood out the most to me was Uncle Fester. The eyes looked oh so familiar but I couldn’t place how I knew him. So I whipped out my computer and found out the actor was Christopher Lloyd. So I jumped on to IMDB and there it was Christopher Llyod is also the actor who plays Doc in Back to the Future!! Like what?!

I was literally shocked. These two characters never connected to me before and I was so fascinated I had to dig a little more. And you know what I have decided? It is actually kinda perfect that they are played by the same actor because they are basically the same person. I know it is a stretch but here is why:

1) Their fascination and troubles with electricity: Uncle Fester is said to have the ability to conduct electricity which he acquired by being electrocuted. Doc Brown has a fascination with electricity which leads him to his funky hair and multiple electrocutions throughout the movies.

2) Both are considered “eccentric”: Both these characters are considered eccentric for their own reasons. Uncle Fester is a bit socially awkward. He is gentle and caring with his family but then does odd things like putting his head in a crank press to relieve his headaches. Doc Brown is also quite caring with Marty McFly but comes off as brash and in some cases pretty stupid with his ideas that tend to fail over and over again.

3) The hair: Okay yes their hair don’t look alike at all- but the characters are certainly recognizable by their hair. Uncle Fester has absolutely none. So little that it would be assumed that it was all lost when he got electrocuted. Doc Brown has crazy mad scientist hair- a look that was also probably derived from electrocution.

4) Their love of dogs: Uncle Fester created “Butcher” as a present for Pugsley. This went a bit awry when the dog began to devour hair. Doc Brown went back in time to retrieve his dog Einstein- not even sure he suceeded. Either way both of them did something for a dog and it didn’t quite turn out the way they planned.


This might all be a bit of a stretch but the connection between the two characters with a shared actor was too fun to ignore! Do you guys see any other connections between these two great Christopher Lloyd characters?


Casting my book!

One thing I have not mentioned on here is the book I am struggling to write. For awhile I had serious motivation to write this book and make some serious progress. However, life got in the way and the book has taken a back seat. Surfing blogs the last couple weeks I noticed that a lot of people had presented lists of their characters and who they would be “cast” as. I thought this might be a good way to get my head back in the book and make some more progress. I only want to introduce a few characters right now but I am hoping this will be a good motivator:

Jess: She is my main character, the book is told through her point of view. She is a journalist covering plenty of local stories. The plot thickens when a murder happens in town and Jess has an invested interest in pursing the murderer. Jess is strong, defiant, confident, manipulative and cold. She is a loner and has very few personal contacts. If I were to cast Jess this is a the girl I would chose:

Casting Jess Take 2

The eyes could cut through anyone and you can tell this girl knows how to get what she wants.

Jason: This guy is the other main character in the book. This guy is a perfect mental match for Jess. The manipulative games she plays he plays right back. He is slick, smart, manipulative, coy and cunning. He seems like just your average guy on the outside but really he is so much more:

I cannot picture anyone else playing Jason. Sawyer from Lost has the boy next store look but the facial expressions to show that there is so much more going on.


Randy: Jess’s only friend. The boy who tries to win Jess’s heart again and again but is really only used as her confidant. The man she turns to when things go wrong. The man who she uses to get leverage in difficult situations. He is soft, impressionable, loving, caring, weak, and doe eyed in love.

Joseph- Gordon Levitt has the innocent face that this character needs. However, I chose him because this actor also has the ability to have a strong side when the situation calls for it. Randy will need to step up for Jess and become more than the innocent doe eyed friend she counts.


There are of course many more characters I would love to share but I am not ready to give anything away from the plot. This however has gotten my mind turning about the characters and hopefully will allow some progress.

So, bloggers have any of you cast the characters of your books? Who would you have as your main character and why?