My High School celeb crush got hitched!

Regardless of how perfect our real life relationship is, we all have celebrity crushes. I know I have mentioned my love for JGL on this blog and I am sure at some point I will share some other crushes. But today I want to throw it back to my High School years. One of my biggest High School celebrity crushes got married last weekend and a little piece of my heart broke but my faith was also restored.

This is my story of Benji Madden.

My obsession with Benji Madden’s band Good Charlotte started my Freshman year of High School. While all the cool kids were listening to rap I was struggling to find my niche in music. I was also struggling to identify with who I really was. Then came along a new girl from a different school. She sported pink hair and a ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude. She quickly became a close friend and I was able to grapple with who I was.

One of the band’s she introduced me to was Good Charlotte. This band had everything I wanted in music. Up beat tempo, a little grunge, words I could relate to, and attitude for days. But like my pink haired buddy, they also had a hard core appearance. The members of this band (Benj included) sported radical hair styles, dark makeup (on boys) piercings, tattoos and an awesome wardrobe. A look I could never pull off.

The love for this band and this new friendship made me feel like a poser. I felt because I did not look like them I could not have similarities to them. I watched movie after movie and show after show which proved that people run with others who look like them. And I did not look like this new group I had become fascinated with.

This was something I struggled with throughout High School. I really didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t look like this group, I didn’t act like the popular kids… so where did I fit in?

Eventually I adopted the same ‘I don’t care attitude’ as the pink haired buddy I met and my love for Benji Madden became public knowledge.

My pet ferret (which admittedly was a short lived pet) was named Benji. I wore Good Charlotte attire and I rocked out to their songs no matter where I was.

When I heard Benji got married last weekend I was intrigued. Who could have caught his heart. Was she awesomely tattooed like him? Did she have a dark, sultry look to her?

The answer to all of the above was no. She was just like me. A regular girl (well as regular as you can get in Hollywood). Gorgeous of course but no visible tattoos, no heavy dark makeup, no radical wardrobe. Just a gorgeous girl with enormous talent.

He married none other than Cameron Diaz.

Let off the balloons! Hollywood is reaffirming the lesson I learned long ago. Appearance does not dictate your soul. Love can see beyond physical barriers. And it is beautiful.

So if my childhood crush had to marry someone I am thrilled it is her. Congrats Benji and Cameron! Here’s to many years of happiness!


Celebrity Pets

Back in August, I heard a story about Justin Bieber and his pet monkey. For those of you who haven’t heard what happened here are the cliff notes.

Justin Bieber took his monkey on tour with him when he went to Germany. He did not have the proper paperwork for the monkey so it was confiscated. He had until May 1 to produce the paperwork or they would take custody of the monkey. Beiber has not paid up and Germany has posted a notice about the $8000.00 he now owes for the care of the monkey and says he faces denied access to the country and they have the right to take possession of other items to make up the cost.

This story seems to fit Beiber perfectly. Clearly he didn’t care enough about the Monkey to reclaim it (the monkey now lives at the Germany zoo) and he is not concerned about the consequences. Since then though I have seen some other celebrity pets that I just feel plain bad for. Here are three celeb pets that I feel bad for.

1) Amanda Seyfried’s dog:

I get that the dog is dressed up in her Lovelace outfit but cmon the poor dog.

2) Hannah Spear’s Dog:

Don’t get me wrong my dog sometimes wears some cute outfits but anything on the head is a no go. This poor pooch looks miserable!

3) Vanilla Ice’s Pot Bellied Pig:

Alright so there is not a pig in the picture above. However, apparently the Kangaroo Vanilla Ice is holding shares an enclosure with the pig. According to Vanilla Ice the Kangaroo humps the pig and he thinks “the pig likes it.” Can you say poor pig?

Have you heard any Celeb Pet stories that make you say poor pet?


Oui Oui- Ladies Agree, Accents Bring Sexy Back

When it comes to the things that attract a lady to a man, all girls are different. Some girls (like me) go for the bad boy look. Some girls, go for the pretty boy look. Some girls are attracted to a man’s sense of humor and some girls are attracted to a man’s wallet. But, one common thread runs through most of us girls, accents make us go wild.

I am not even sure the type of accent matters. Whether it be a proper english accent, an australian accent or even just a good old southern accent. Whatever it is, the accent can make an average guy seem gorgeous!

There are of course many celebrities who benefit from this universal truth. However, there is one celebrity who takes this to a whole new level of sexy. That celebrity is Bradley Cooper.

On my many times surfing Youtube, I found a video of Bradley Cooper not only with an accent, but speaking an entire other language for an interview! This man is beautiful before he even opens his mouth. But when the french words flow out of him with the perfect accent he literally becomes an angel on earth. I could watch the interview over and over again and never get bored even though I do not have the slightest clue what he is saying.

Need to know what I am talking about? See for yourself!

Ahh, see what I mean? This video is bound to put a smile on your face to start the week off right!

So bloggers, do you know any other celebrities who harness the power of the accent to captivate their audience?


Internet Stalking is Socially Acceptable

I came across an article the other day that said, Dwyane Wade took a girl to prom after she asked him via youtube. The whole event was a complete surprise as he wasn’t sure he would be able to attend but he ended up showing up and completely surprising the girl. Many of the articles I read on this focused on how sweet it was of him and how she took a 1 in a million shot and it worked out for her. But for me all I kept thinking is how celebrity stalking has taken on a whole new form.

Has anyone else joined twitter? I started one awhile ago but never got hooked until…I became a fan of celebrity stalking. There are so many celebrities on twitter its hard to choose who to follow, and more importantly who to stalk. So I started small. Quite a few posts back you may remember by mention of Josh Krajcik, the singer from X-factor that I adore. Well I decided to tweet him in hopes of an answer- and I didn’t just get one I got two! It started with a re-tweet:


And then I asked him a question and he replied!



I was in absolute heaven when I received these! Of course I have tried multiple forms of internet stalking since then- facebook, more tweets…ect and to no avail. I may have become creepy to him…so on to next celebrity…Anthony Tyler Quinn.

I am sure you bloggers remember a few posts back I blogged about Anthony Tyler Quinn and his role as Mr. Turner in Boy Meets World? Since then I have been tweeting him hoping for a re-tweet or a reply- no luck yet. I will keep trying!


So bloggers, have you gotten wrapped up in the internet stalking craze? Who is your celeb of choice at the moment?


Relationships in the Media

The media has a way of controlling our outlook on so many things. The media shapes what we wear, what we eat and even who we date. The problem with this is the media has a way of showing the most dysfunctional relationships and making them seem almost normal. For young and impressionable girls (like myself) this can be awfully confusing. There are three relationship types I have noticed really highlighted in the media over the last year or so:

The Giant Age Gap:

Relationships like Hef and any one of his many wives is NOT normal. These girls are with him for one thing and one thing only- money. The marriages are strange and the whole living arrangement is down right disturbing. However, I myself sometimes watch “The Girls Next Door” and think to myself…hmm that wouldn’t be so bad…This is NOT O.K. Girls we need to make a vow that we will put a limit on these insane age gaps. Money cannot cross 50 years…lets have a little respect for ourselves!

The Abuser: It is sad but the media has found a way to make the abusive relationship almost seem “cool”. It is not secret Rihanna and Chris Brown are back together. For those who don’t know, back a few years ago Chris Brown hit Rihanna and the pictures surfaced on the internet. The two took a break but Rihanna is now convinced that he has “really calmed down”. Girls this is NOT o.k! Yet again we need to have more respect for ourselves than this! If a guy EVER lays a hand on you there should be NO second chances. I don’t care who he is! Why does the media show this relationship as a normal relationship?!? Both of them need help. He needs anger management classes and she needs to go to therapy for her self esteem!

The Serial Dater: I need to start this by saying I love T. Swift. She is an absolute sweetheart with absolutely adorable songs. That being said, that bitch needs to calm down in the dating world. She doesn’t hang on to a boy longer than a month before she writes a song about him and moves on to the next one. Whats worse? She invests a lot in the boys she dates even after a short period of time. For example she bought quite the pricey boy next to the Kennedy boy’s house but she is already two boys past him now. This is another example where we as girls need to have more respect for ourselves. It is o.k to be alone! This type of relationship shows us that we always NEED to be in a relationship but this is not the case! What does T. Swift need a man for? She has money, fame and fans- she doesn’t NEED anything else…she NEEDS some self esteem!

What other celeb relationships do you think the media make look normal that really shouldn’t be portrayed as normal?


My Hate Love Relationship with Jodi Foster

So I wake up this morning to articles staring me in the face about Jodi Foster’s “coming out” Golden Globe speech. I need to preface this post by saying that I have spent the better part of my movie watching life despising Jodi Foster. I do not really have a valid reason other than she just didn’t sit right with me. I always felt she thought a little too highly of herself and she really just wasn’t the fantastic actress everyone said she was. When I saw the headlines about her Golden Globe speech I rolled my eyes. I clicked away from the article time and time again today. However, the article kept resurfacing- eventually I had to read it and watch the speech.

Reluctant Reader

I have to say this speech really gave me a new appreciation for Jodi Foster. I want to be clear this was NOT a coming out speech. Honestly, anyone who knows anything about Jodi Foster knows her sexual orientation. This was in no way news- nor was it the focus of her speech. Rather, her speech was about the value of privacy in our lives as well as the lives of people like her who spend their days in the lime light. I really think she said it the best when she said, “If you had been a public figure from the time that you were a toddler, if you’d had to fight for a life that felt real and honest and normal against all odds, then maybe you, too, might value privacy above all else.”

Jodi Foster speaks at Golden Globes

The thing is the media does not understand what it is like to be in the lime light your entire lives. All the press cares about is making another dollar by selling that juicy story. But, celebrities are people as well. Regardless of the fact that they make their living by being public figures they too have a right to privacy. I think the “information age’s” disgusting obsession with knowing everything about celebrities is repulsive. Instead of respecting them as humans we treat them as slaves who are paid to entertain us. No regard is given to their happiness and the trouble it may cause them to air their private lives.


After listening to that speech I really need to ask that we take a step back from the lives of celebrities. Lets give people like Jodi Foster a little space to breathe. Maybe instead of picking up that tabloid we can read a good novel. Each person that makes an effort to respect their privacy helps out just a little. Maybe one day they will be able to walk out of their house without being attacked by a thousand cameras and microphones treating them like a monkey they can watch doing tricks.