Bring Back Our Girls!

I know I say this a lot on this blog, but sometimes I feel its is a bloggers job to try and get the word out when a cause is important enough. Over the last few weeks I have been noticing the hashtag “Bring Back Our Girls” on multiple social media platforms. The most prominent celeb I have seen promoting this cause is Shay Mitchell from Pretty Little Liars. I really enjoy following her posts and it is very clear she is passionate about the cause so I decided to look into it to see what it is all about.

Mary J Blige doing her part!

For anyone who does not already know this cause is to try and recover the almost 200 kidnapped Nigerian school girls who are currently being sold at $12 a girl to militants. The families have asked power countries like the United Nations and United Stations to get involved and help them get their girls back. For a full overview of what happened go and check out this article in the NY Times.

Now I realize even in the blogosphere my reach is pretty small. But if everyone kept quiet because they did not think anyone would listen, no one would ever be heard. This cause is too important to let fall on deaf ears. And from what I am hearing this hashtag is really helping bring national attention to the cause. Hopefully the more attention it can ge the better chance there is of getting the girls back.

So here is what I am asking bloggers: tweet, instagram, facebook, use whatever social media you use the most and promote this hashtag. Educate people on what has happened and lets try and get the word out. These girls do not deserve to be sold off like property. They are women and we need to join together to try and get them back home where they belong!


The Pink Shoes of Women’s Rights

As a woman, women’s rights is a topic near and dear to my heart. Needless to say, when I heard about Wendy Davis and her 11 hour filibuster I could not help but be grateful. For those who do not know the story:

“Last month, Davis staged an 11-hour filibuster that temporarily stalled the bill, which would ban abortions after 20 weeks and create new, potentially practice-ending requirements for doctors performing the procedures across the state,” according to CNN Politics.

I am not one to talk about or share political views. However, I think this was a moment that needs to be remembered and I think Wendy Davis wore those flashy pink shoes as a statement to all her onlookers and it certainly gave her some “celebrity” status. So this got me to thinking- what “pink shoes” merchandise should we expect to see in support of her cause? Here are a few I envision:

1) Pink Shoe Livestrong “esque” bracelet: These bracelets have been used to support causes spanning from cancer to gay rights. This particular bracelet would be all white sporting pink shoes. The bracelet would read “Standing Against Abortion.”

2) Pink Shoe T- Shirt: These shirts could sport a picture of the infamous shoes with a similar mantra from above.

Could we get them excited about Pink Shoe T-shirts?

3) Pink Shoe necklace: This would be an average necklace with a pair of pink shoes hanging.

Only, you know- the Pink Shoes.

This post is obviously made in jest but the general message I hope is clear. This is a cause that needs a little attention and maybe with a little help from the community we can put our heads together to protect women’s rights. Maybe silly merchandise I listed isn’t the answer so I turn to you bloggers, how would you help this cause?