Seduce Her With Bacon?!

The other day I was looking through a Men’s Health magazine and came across the headline “Seduce Her With Bacon.” Now lets overlook the obvious issue with the fact that I, a single girl, was flipping through a Men’s Health magazine and focus on the issue at hand. Seduce her with bacon. My mind went wild considering what this article could be about. Chocolate covered bacon since we all know girls love chocolate and bacon? Maybe bacon scented cologne to give your lady the smell of the kitchen in the bedroom? What about bacon patterned boxers? The possibilities are endless!


Alas, to my dismay the article was not about any of this. The article was about impressing your date with food and dining etiquette. Ho hum. So I decided to make my own Seduce Her With Bacon article that would showcase what I wanted to read. Here are the top 5 bacon related tips to seduce your woman (or man really this could work for anyone because bacon is ahhhmazzinng!).

1) Chocolate Covered Bacon: Yes it was mentioned above but because it is such an unsung food. I think the technical term for this is Pigs in Mud but whatever its awesome. I just heated up some fondue chocolate and got to dipping. This would be a fun fondue date night addition 🙂

2) Bacon Flavored Soap: Yes it does exist and you know what? I kinda like it! The smell of bacon right out of the oven is calming and powerful. Having my man have that aroma on him when he lays next to me in bed? Well I wouldnt hate it!

3) Bacon and Eggs Costume: Maybe you are a roleplaying couple? This costume will really help set the mood and get you in character!

4) Bacon Dress: Not into roleplay but still want to set the mood? This hott bacon dress will make her smile and get him excited!

5) Bacon Condoms: Nothing says sexy like playing it safe. There are bacon style condoms to make sure this safety precaution doesnt deter from the mood.

Hope this post helped start your day with a little bacon flavored laugh 🙂

So bloggers, any bacon items you would use to seduce your date?


Slimkicker.com Fitness Goals become Level Ups!

One of the things I have really trying to get motivated to do is work out. On all your amazing blogs I see that many of you are achieving your fitness goals in a myriad of ways. I, however, can never find a fitness regiment that I can stick to. For me the goal is not to lose weight, if I did I might wither away, but rather to get in shape. I would like to be able to walk a distance in any weather and not be completely out of breathe. But I can’t stay motivated!!!
However, I came across this site that is really perfect for me! http://www.slimkicker.com/ is a fitness website that turns your fitness goals into a video game challenge. As a gamer who enjoys leveling up and completing challenges this is just the motivator I need. If you head over to their challenge section they have multiple challenges with a duration of time for you to complete.

For example, one of the challenges is to kick soda. Talk about a challenge! But its worth points and the more points you earn the closer you get to your goal. You make your own goal. The goal could be a dress you want to buy, a place you want to go, anything at all! Just upload a picture and earn those points!


Another cool feature of this site is the “Grocery Foods” section. This section has a calorie count for all your basic grocery foods and all their brands. My lovely bacon you are packing around 255 calories…don’t worry I still love you- just in moderation!

Head on over and check this site out! Its free and its a fun way to work towards your fitness goals! Let me know what you think!