The Trials and Tribulations of Babies Around the World

This post is a light hearted approach to some serious stories from all over the world. If you are not able to look at this with some humor please pass this post by as I do not intend to offend anyone. This is meant to bring attention to some serious issues without being stale and serious. This post was inspired by an office chat where we all realized that it is just not that easy to be a newborn anymore:

Lets start this tour in Argentina. In Argentina a newborn was declared a stillborn and taken from their parents without even being allowed to see them. The baby proceeded to spend the next twelve hours in a morgue locked in a coffin. The parents came to the morgue to say their goodbyes to their newborn. The mother pried the coffin open to hear the baby whimpering- she was alive. This story begs the question- do we need to add the bells back to our coffins to let our loved ones know if we have been buried alive? Do we need to reestablish the original meaning of a “Wake?”. The answers are not certain but one thing is clear this family should sue and sue for all they can get because this is a very unsettling and scary story.

Now lets head on over to China for the next story. A china woman went into labor nine days before her expected due date. The woman decided it was necessary to stop at a public restroom before heading to the hospital. This was a big mistake! The woman gave birth to her newborn child in the toilet- and then accidentally flushed her down the drain! Well, for anyone who has ever watched the drano commercials and thought that the plumbing looked like a pretty legit water slide- this baby has your insider information! The baby went critical to stable condition so the baby is doing fine other than being stuck with the knowledge that her mom flushed her down the toilet…

Finally, lets take out last stop in the UK and visit a man…this man suffered many years from pain and a lump in his stomach. One day he experienced a stabbing pain and the lump in his stomach began to protrude. This lump in his stomach turned out to be the fetus of his twin brother who died in his mother’s womb! The story doesnt stop there- the man didnt just have this fetus removed from him but decided to take it home and put it in a jar. My question is when guests come over does he now have to introduce his twin brother as well?

So bloggers, what stories have you head about the trials and tribulations of new born babies around the globe?