The One Thing That Makes Me Anxious as a Wedding Guest…

This year has been the year of wedding bells. No, I am NOT getting married…yet. Lol! But after only attending a handful of weddings as a kid, this year my boyfriend and I were invited to FOUR weddings, all in the summer months!

Now of course as a girl there are so many things I love about being invited to a wedding. The amazing venues, the food, the wedding dress, the music…I could go on and on. But there is one thing that I have grown to hate so much that even thinking about it gives me anxiety. No it is not the gift, not it is not the wedding shower, no it is not the ceremony…it is the reply card!

Yes you read that right. I actually get anxiety about Wedding Reply cards!

Okay, before you spit out your coffee laughing hear me out…

I come from a generation where technology rules. I have sat in front of a computer screen for as long as I can remember. As a child I sat on my Father’s lap playing with the computer, as I got older Facebook was introduced, and now my cell phone is basically a pocket computer.

Snail mail has become almost obsolete in my world. If I want to say thank you for a present, I text the person. If I want to send a Happy Birthday card, I craft a sweet picture post on Facebook. If I want to invite people to a party I create a Facebook event and maybe even do up a mail chimp e-vite.

Snail mail has become a place for junk. Credit card offers I don’t want, ads to stores I don’t go to. Bills that were paid online two weeks, and other various pieces of mail for tenants of the past.

Because of this, I RARELY even check the mail. When I do it is generally because I have noticed the mail box is overflowing and I feel genuinely bad for the mailman. I realize it is his job to stuff every piece of junk with my address on it in my box. Full or not. So when I notice it is full I clear it out.

Oh and one more thing, I live in an apartment complex. So more often than not, my mail gets placed in the WRONG mailbox. So often I don’t see the mail that comes to me!

All of these factors combined means that I am highly unlikely to see that dreaded reply card when it comes to me. But if I do see it…getting it mailed is still quite a process.

Since snail mail has become a non-thing in my household stamps are basically an antique. Those are pretty square pictures people keep in a collection to tell future generations about the olden days. Stamps however are not household necessities. So if the reply card does not include a stamp, I must steal one from someone else. This in itself can be a process since many people like me do not keep stamps anymore.

But lets say for this post’s sake that I find a stamp or the sender was kind enough to include one.

Now I have to mail the reply card back. Obstacle one, I don’t pass a mailbox or post office on my way to work AT ALL. Obstacle two, my mailman is so used to my mailbox being full he never looks for outgoing mail. Obstacle three, while I am trying to deal with one and two, the reply card gets lost.

Can you see now why this might cause me anxiety?!?!

Now I do understand that this is the proper way to do things. And I do even see the sentimental value in it. But as a guest of multiple weddings this year I am happy to have my last reply card sent and gone.

As for my future wedding? There will be no reply cards. On the invite will be my email address to respond with your dinner choice and number of attendees.

Done and done!


Dumb Life Calcuations: Anxiety Addition

I know I have mentioned this before but one of my favorite Youtube channels is Jenna Marbles’ channel. On her channel she did a video about dumb life calculations. Basically she took tasks that most of us feel are pretty ordinary and she added up how much time an average person spends on this task in their life. I thought this video was hilarious and some of the calculations were horrifying. I thought it would be more horrifying to do the anxiety version of life calculations.

As someone who suffers from anxiety, much of my time is spent worrying. Worry takes up a good majority of my time. I want to break down the amount of time I spend worrying on different things to figure out how much of my life is really wasted. Here are three things that I find myself worrying about and how much of my life is wasted on it:

3) Worrying about dying from the next disease outbreak: I figure I am sick for at least a week every year. EVERY TIME I am sick I am convinced I am dying because clearly that is the most logical outcome for a 26 year old. So I figure one week a year for the average life of 80 years and I waste exactly: 8,516 hours in a lifetime!

2) Worrying that my current boyfriend is leaving me. Basically I worry about this every time we fight. We have been together six months and I would say that I have genuinely worried about it one day a week since we have been together. Somehow I think when he looks at me the wrong way he must be leaving. Its not logical but there it is. So this means I have spent: 24 days worrying since our relationship has started.

1) Worrying that I will not find a job. UPDATE bloggers. I have found full time work and I start July 7! But as many of you know I have been in and out of work only picking up part time jobs since September. I worried 24/7 while I was out of work. That means I spent: 6,720 hours worrying about not finding work!

Looking at these numbers it is so clear to me that if I can just find a way to stop worrying I will free up so much time and energy in my life. Worry is really the root of so many problems. With this new job will come a new beginning and a new approach to life. Worrying will be left behind!

Have a worry free weekend bloggers. Please enjoy the video that inspired this post!



Anxiety Meets The Most Legit Excuses.

As someone who has lived with anxiety my whole life, I realize that anxiety is never rational. There are moments in life when an anxiety ridden person will be provided with the most legit excuse to explain away a certain scenario but the anxiety overpowers said excuse. Often when anxiety takes over the worst possible scenario is the only scenario that makes sense in our head. Even when we know it is completely unlikely. Its a vicious circle we go around day after day but its something we have to deal with.

I have been provided with some excuses that really are pretty understandable. Here are a list of some of the best excuses for a scenario and what my anxiety ridden mind thinks of them:

1) I couldn’t text you today because my phone died and I do not know your phone number by memory.

Anxiety Conclusion: They hate me and never want to talk to me again.

2) I was late for your party because there was an accident on the highway I was stuck in traffic for over an hour.

Anxiety Conclusion: They hate me and never want to talk to me again.

3) I’m sorry I couldn’t hang out with you last night, a family member died.

Anxiety Conclusion: They hate me and never want to talk to me again.

Starting to see a pattern here? It doesn’t matter what you tell me, if I am dealing with anxiety my mind will automatically conclude that you have done this because you hate me. Its not rational but its realistic. Oh the qualms of being with an anxiety ridden female. I do not envy anyone who has to deal with me.

Bloggers do you ever have to deal with anxiety’s frustrating wrath?