What makes me anxious about my bday!

Hey friends!

I have missed you!! I was recently informed that my blog is collecting dust and I thought sharing my Vlog with you would be a great way to reconnect!!

The first video is so bad it is comical but I can grow and learn with you guys just like I did with vlogging!

Hope you enjoy!!


I almost DIED on Big Thunder Mountain!

One thing on this blog has never been a secret, I LOVE DISNEY! I collect eeyore, I have taken multiple vacations there, I watch their films like Willy Wonka eats chocolate and I worked there for a few months during college. Needless to say Disney is in my blood.

What I never shared is I almost died on a ride on my first trip there. And yes I am serious and I have recently found out I am not the only one who found out the dangers of this particular ride.

Big Thunder Mountain.

So let me bring you to that day. I was five years old. Adorable little nugget with long brown straight hair. I was excited to ride a big kid ride with my dad and oblivious to the dangers ahead. I was a skinny little thing and short just like I am now. My dad on the other hand was a larger lad. This meant that the bar meant to keep us safe stopped where it was comfortable for him, leaving a ton of room for me to wiggle and move.

Not safe.

Another mark against me was we were in the FRONT CAR. I have no idea why that would even be considered a good idea but there ya have it.

When my little body took off on this ride the G-Force basically carried me right out of the ride. My dad had to put his leg and arm over me just to hold me in and even that was a struggle for him. There were moments during the ride where he was sure I was about to go tumbling down the side of the mountain. The experience was so terrifying for both of us that neither of us are willing to ride the ride again.

This came up because I recently found out that someone actually DIED on this ride. Yes someone died on Big Thunder Mountain. The article found here states that the staff failed to perform “key preventative maintenance tasks.” That idea horrifies me!

So not only will you let a child ride this ride without properly being strapped in to the ride but it is also okay to forget to do key maintenance?!

I should note roller coasters scare me so this is part of a larger issue but the fact remains, safety should always be key!

Disney I will always love you but when stories like this exist about you I begin to question the safety of every other park as well!

I do not think my fear of roller coasters is seeing any chance of relief anytime soon so I turn to you bloggers, have you had any life threatening roller coaster experiences to share?


MMA Reebok Deal.

I will start out by admitting that this topic has been on my list of to-do’s for awhile. I heard about it on a Podcast that I listen to and I wasnt sure if I was going to write about it. Mostly because I am not an MMA fan. Not that I have anything against it I just never really got into it.

So to start I will say that this post is about the MMA sponsorship deal with Reebok. The long and short of it is there will now be a large Reebok logo on the mat and all the players will have to wear Reebok gear. There will no longer be fighters sponsored by different companies.

Now the podcast I listened to discussed how this move could hurt players because they will no longer be able to get the extra income they would have gotten from sponsors. That this extra income was what made it possible for fighters to make this a full time job. And it had my mind thinking about blogging.

How many bloggers do we see with sponsored posts? What if a blogging platform said all the users on that platform could only do sponsored posts by one company. How would that affect the income of each individual blogger. My thoughts would be pretty significantly. There is no way one company can pay every blogger the same amount it would pay one blogger advertising for them. It just isn’t possible.

But what I found interesting is something I found in this article:


The article brings up the point that fighters need now to think outside the box and get sponsors outside the cage. My thoughts are they are talking about commercials, advertisements ect.

So I related this back to blogging. How do people react when their favorite blogger begins doing commercials. How about when Bethany Mota went on Dancing With the Stars?

Generally the reaction is “sell-out”. They are only in it for the money. But what if this is the only way they can make this career a living? Is that acceptable then?

I really haven’t worked all this out in my head but it is certainly interesting. I can definitely see the benefit of the Reebok deal for the MMA. For one it provides a more professional and coherent look for the sport. It also provides a way for smaller fighters to get the same income as the larger fighters making it easier for them to break into the industry.

But it leaves question as to how do you progress in the sport? How do you move up the income ladder? For many if there is no way up what is the point of starting?

So I reach out to you my blogging friends. Are any of you familiar with MMA and have an opinion? If not are you a blogger who does sponsored posts? How would you feel if your platform only allowed one company to sponsor your posts?


5 things I am hoping to see in the Android Marshmallow update!

As many of you on this blog know, I am not an Apple phone user. I have the Samsung Galaxy and I gotta say I love it! That being said when I heard the latest update was announced I was stoked. Sadly details are limited at this point. What is released is the update’s name, Marshmallow!

With that in mind I decided to theorize what could be involved in the new update:

1)Charging available by attaching firmly to a Hershey’s bar;

2) Capability to turn golden brown in extreme heat;

3)Application sizing options ranging from mini to Jumbo;

4)Holiday themes (Easter is the best so far!);

5)Default sound options of Snap, Crackle and Pop!

As always though, please please please don’t put your phone in the microwave! Not only will you ruin your phone but this new application will surely explode and make quite the mess!

Thank you for reading guys!

What are some of your guesses for possible features with this new update?


Hedgehog Vlog!

Hey guys!

As you know Sinister Sister Saturday was over the weekend! My sister who actually edits the videos was away so I had to try and make the video look presentable. As a result we ended up with a very low quality video…however we get to introduce you to our new little friend, my new Hedgehog!

I hope you guys enjoy!

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Sam and Nia: The Vloggers under fire for faking a pregnancy/ miscarriage?!?

As someone starting out on YouTube I make it a point to watch as many different vloggers as I can find. And when I do find a channel I just don’t watch the popular videos, I try and watch as many as I possibly can.

So when I heard about the viral video on Sam and Nia’s channel I had to check out their channel.

For those who don’t know, Sam and Nia went viral a short while ago with a surprise pregnancy announcement video. Sam took a dropper of urine from the toilet and it tested positive for pregnancy. Only a few short days later they took to YouTube to announce that they miscarried.

And the internet was broken.

Everyone came out of the wood work to label the videos as a fake. Looking for fame, looking for success, pushing their religious agendas (they are devout Christians and very open about it).

I have to admit I was even skeptical at first. The videos both seemed very over dramatic and the one about the miscarriage seemed less emotional than I would expect.

But then I took a step back.

This is YouTube. No matter how hard you try, when that camera comes on, you are acting. Even if you are trying to act natural, you are still “acting natural”. With that camera on there is no way for things to just be as they would be. It’s not possible.

Don’t believe me? Turn on a camera and talk to it. Does your voice change? Do your mannerisms change? Are you more aware of everything you do? I thought so.

After thinking about this I realized that there are some pretty good reasons why this video may have seemed fake to me. Because it was a video. I am not experiencing real life as it is happening regardless how it may appear.

So my wish is that everyone would stop speculating and creating this negativity around the situation. There is a very good chance this is a real occurrence in two people’s lives and spewing negativity is not helping anyone.

I will be the first to admit I am not religious. I do not watch their channel for their chats about the bible or for their preaching. I watch their channel because they have a sweet family and I enjoy getting away from my own life for a while to watch something else. I appreciate the editing and hard work that is put into the channel and I appreciate the openness they have about their life and their family. It is not easy to put everything out there for the world to dissect and they have done it beautifully and taken the negativity with such grace.

For that reason I will continue to watch their channel and believe in them as good people.

I will admit some of the ads they are adding to the channel and some of the products they are getting sponsored by does raise some flags. I mean Clue a fertility app was just sponsored this week. Thing was they didn’t mention it was a sponsor in the video. They acted like it was just something they found. But at the end of the description there was a note about it. That rubbed me the wrong way.

So it makes me question intentions and now I turn to you…

For those of you who have seen their channel, what are your thoughts on their pregnancy announcement video followed by their miscarriage video?