Welcome to my NEW PODCAST!

Wow it has seriously been forever! I have been struggling for awhile with finding a way to keep up with my blogging friends while also playing with other forms of content. I tried YouTube for a bit and realized I am just way too awkward on camera. So I have decided to try podcasting! I am really excited about it and we just launched on ITunes so I am going to see how it goes.

The podcast will be about movies from all different eras but will be mostly the tangents the movie inspires! We are hoping it will be fun and lighthearted!

I miss all my blogging buddies and hope you will all check us out and leave a review for us! I will be making the rounds this weekend to catch back up with everyone!

Cant wait to talk to you all!

Here are our links:

For my Apple friends:


For my Android friends:


Please please please share this with your friends and leave a review! We want to get better and need your help to do that!

Thank you and looking forward to this new adventure with you all!


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