Melissa and Joey = Perfection!

I will start off by saying I am a 90’s kid through and through. I grew up watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch and Clarissa Explains it All. Melissa Joan Heart was basically an idol growing up.

Then there is Joey Lawrence. He was in Brotherly Love and most notably for me, and although IMDB says he wasn’t, I swear to you he was on at least one episode of Boy Meets World!


Either way when I started watching their show Melissa and Joey, I thought to myself, their relationship is perfection! Yes I know it is scripted. Yes I know it is “just a TV show.” But there chemistry is undeniable. And they even look like a cute couple!

But just a quick internet search will show you that Melissa has been married to some guy named Mark for almost 10 years! All I kept thinking when I saw this is who is that Mark guy and why is he trying to ruin this perfect relationship?

Now this isn’t the first time I have shipped a fiction relationship to happen in real life. Edward and Bella? Absolutely. Ezra and Aria? You bet.

But this is the first time I wished my relationship actually was like theirs!

And then I stumbled upon a movie from 2008 called “My Fake Fiance.” This must be where there TV romance blossomed! They have the BEST chemistry in this movie! It is very lifetime movie esque but it is all sorts of adorable!

Melissa, Joey, if you are reading this, you have the perfect mix of chemistry, good looks and great attitudes all combined with perfect timing. Why not use it?!


Forever a 90’s girl living in the new millennium



5 thoughts on “Melissa and Joey = Perfection!

  1. Shae, I was a big TV-watcher in the 80’s, so by the time the 90’s rolled around, I started to lose interest in television. I’m more of a movie-watcher now.

    However, I can so identify with you about shipping a fiction relationship to happen in real life, because I’ve done the same thing. Some onscreen relationships seem SO real and SO perfectly matched, you forget that they’re not.

    Have a faaaaabulous week, my friend!

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