Finding the Holy Grail…Err Mrs Dash…

Okay my friends. I am going to be real with you. I enjoy my salt. And I mean REALLY enjoy my salt. I put salt on basically everything I eat, including watermelon (don’t knock it till you try it!). So when I went on my search for Mrs. Dash seasoning about a year ago, I clearly was not aware that it was a salt free product.


Anyways, that was a year ago. And you might be thinking, if you didn’t know that then why were you looking for it in the first place. Great question! Well I am a bit strange. I take a lot of tips from my online friends. No not friends that I actually converse with like many of my lovely blog followers, but friends in the form of people I enjoy watching videos from.

One particular girl shared her love for Mrs. Dash seasoning quite often. Now I knew it was on the healthy side because she is part of my health and wellness company but healthy is good! I figured if she raved about it so much than it had to be worth it!

So I searched, and I searched. Store after store after store. To no avail. I posted about the mystery on Instagram and found out that it was very prevalent in the south. But as a northern gal it might be that I am out of luck.

Then today, a year later, the idea ran across my mind again to look for it. So I hit the website and found a locate feature where you could type in the zip code and find where its sold. To my surprise it was sold in the exact store I frequent. Who knew?

So I made my way down there and found an assortment of Mrs. Dash seasonings. And that is when I learned that it was a salt free product. And it could not have come at a better time!

Recently, we learned that the boyfriend has high blood pressure, not alarmingly high, but for his age its elevated. I had made a decision to start cutting out the added salt where I could. And trust me that is no easy task for this salty gal. But this seasoning is the perfect fix!


Friends when I tell you it is tasty, I am not doing it justice! The seasoning is incredible and the fact that it is salt free astounds me!

Now that I have had time to process this revelation I am thinking that the DASH part of the name refers to the heart healthy DASH diet. Given that I work in healthcare that should have been pretty obvious a year ago but as I said I am in love with salt so a divorce from it really never crossed my mind until now!

I am sure I am not the only one totally in awe by this stuff! Who else has tried this seasoning and what is your favorite dish to put it on?



5 thoughts on “Finding the Holy Grail…Err Mrs Dash…

  1. Two things: I know someone else who sprinkles salt on her watermelon too! I very rarely put extra salt on my food because I like my food seasoned lightly, with the exception of garlic or basil. I LOVE a lot of those two things on my food.

    I have tried Mrs. Dash and thought it was AWESOME! They sell it here in Philly at the Acme grocery stores.

    Now that you mentioned it, I may have to buy some the next time I go shopping. Thanks for reminding me about it 🙂

    Hope you’re having FAB week, my friend!

  2. I’m sure I tried it years ago, and have seen it in the grocery store, but it’s not a seasoning I buy. Pepper is a fav! I like basil and garlic, but prefer to use fresh whenever possible. For the occasional dish that needs salting, my fav brand is Himalayan pink sea salt.
    Glad you like it, and it’s good for your bf so that’s cool.

  3. I love salt just as much as you, and would surely put it on my watermelon too if I liked watermelon (sorry, but I despise it). Mrs. Dash is readily available out here and I’ve had it before, but honestly, it’s not salty enough for me. I would use it in addition to salt, but not as a replacement for it, because I do like the mix of herbs and spices.

    Glad you found a worthy substitute, and I hope your BF can get his blood pressure in check!

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