I almost DIED on Big Thunder Mountain!

One thing on this blog has never been a secret, I LOVE DISNEY! I collect eeyore, I have taken multiple vacations there, I watch their films like Willy Wonka eats chocolate and I worked there for a few months during college. Needless to say Disney is in my blood.

What I never shared is I almost died on a ride on my first trip there. And yes I am serious and I have recently found out I am not the only one who found out the dangers of this particular ride.

Big Thunder Mountain.

So let me bring you to that day. I was five years old. Adorable little nugget with long brown straight hair. I was excited to ride a big kid ride with my dad and oblivious to the dangers ahead. I was a skinny little thing and short just like I am now. My dad on the other hand was a larger lad. This meant that the bar meant to keep us safe stopped where it was comfortable for him, leaving a ton of room for me to wiggle and move.

Not safe.

Another mark against me was we were in the FRONT CAR. I have no idea why that would even be considered a good idea but there ya have it.

When my little body took off on this ride the G-Force basically carried me right out of the ride. My dad had to put his leg and arm over me just to hold me in and even that was a struggle for him. There were moments during the ride where he was sure I was about to go tumbling down the side of the mountain. The experience was so terrifying for both of us that neither of us are willing to ride the ride again.

This came up because I recently found out that someone actually DIED on this ride. Yes someone died on Big Thunder Mountain. The article found here states that the staff failed to perform “key preventative maintenance tasks.” That idea horrifies me!

So not only will you let a child ride this ride without properly being strapped in to the ride but it is also okay to forget to do key maintenance?!

I should note roller coasters scare me so this is part of a larger issue but the fact remains, safety should always be key!

Disney I will always love you but when stories like this exist about you I begin to question the safety of every other park as well!

I do not think my fear of roller coasters is seeing any chance of relief anytime soon so I turn to you bloggers, have you had any life threatening roller coaster experiences to share?

6 thoughts on “I almost DIED on Big Thunder Mountain!

  1. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about with this ride. There are no seat belts on that thing, just the bar. Thankfully, at 17 I was strong enough to hold my own in, but it was still plenty disconcerting to be bouncing all over the place while my seat-mate didn’t slide once. =(

  2. Wow, that is rather pathetic on their part. You’d think they’d update it or something. I have no fear of rides, but I’ll think twice about going on that if I’m ever at Disneyland.

  3. I’ve been there three times, but not sure if I rode that. Hard to remember! I’m most freaked out by huge Ferris wheels that stop while the car you’re in is at the top.

  4. Hey, Shae, great post! I run the Cyclone in Coney Island, which is so old and rickety that I was convinced it was going to collapse. And then I did Magic Mountain in Disneyland, where I closed my eyes for the entire ride while listening to my sister scream.

    I’m not surprised people die on these damn things. Some man from California died on the Cyclone, so no more roller coasters for me.

  5. I can’t say I’ve ever worried about getting tossed off the ride, but I’m always worried in a few sections that I’m gonna get my head knocked off. The side effect of being tall. :/

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