MMA Reebok Deal.

I will start out by admitting that this topic has been on my list of to-do’s for awhile. I heard about it on a Podcast that I listen to and I wasnt sure if I was going to write about it. Mostly because I am not an MMA fan. Not that I have anything against it I just never really got into it.

So to start I will say that this post is about the MMA sponsorship deal with Reebok. The long and short of it is there will now be a large Reebok logo on the mat and all the players will have to wear Reebok gear. There will no longer be fighters sponsored by different companies.

Now the podcast I listened to discussed how this move could hurt players because they will no longer be able to get the extra income they would have gotten from sponsors. That this extra income was what made it possible for fighters to make this a full time job. And it had my mind thinking about blogging.

How many bloggers do we see with sponsored posts? What if a blogging platform said all the users on that platform could only do sponsored posts by one company. How would that affect the income of each individual blogger. My thoughts would be pretty significantly. There is no way one company can pay every blogger the same amount it would pay one blogger advertising for them. It just isn’t possible.

But what I found interesting is something I found in this article:

The article brings up the point that fighters need now to think outside the box and get sponsors outside the cage. My thoughts are they are talking about commercials, advertisements ect.

So I related this back to blogging. How do people react when their favorite blogger begins doing commercials. How about when Bethany Mota went on Dancing With the Stars?

Generally the reaction is “sell-out”. They are only in it for the money. But what if this is the only way they can make this career a living? Is that acceptable then?

I really haven’t worked all this out in my head but it is certainly interesting. I can definitely see the benefit of the Reebok deal for the MMA. For one it provides a more professional and coherent look for the sport. It also provides a way for smaller fighters to get the same income as the larger fighters making it easier for them to break into the industry.

But it leaves question as to how do you progress in the sport? How do you move up the income ladder? For many if there is no way up what is the point of starting?

So I reach out to you my blogging friends. Are any of you familiar with MMA and have an opinion? If not are you a blogger who does sponsored posts? How would you feel if your platform only allowed one company to sponsor your posts?

4 thoughts on “MMA Reebok Deal.

  1. It does hinder the fighters, but if they can do commercials and such as well, that will be some good money there. I you’re already making a decent living and you do such crap like dancing with the stars, money grubber. If you’re broke and you do it, it’s a need.

  2. Hey, Shae, you know I am an MMA fan, but for some reason, I haven’t been following the Reebok story too closely, even though it’s big news. I think you make good points for and against this deal and it seems to be causing a lot tension and resentment among the fighters. I don’t do sponsored posts and I have no immediate plans to do so.

  3. I’ve had offers to do sponsored posts but have always turned them down. My integrity is worth more than a few measly dollars, so even though I’m unfamiliar with the MMA/Reebok deal it sounds like you and I are on the same side.

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