Will Smith is the Nicest Man in Hollywood!

I am going to start this post by saying that I realize that there are many other thing about this person that might turn people off. I do not want to focus on those things. What I want to focus on is his integrity and success in the world of show business.

I am talking about actor, Will Smith. I would go as far as to make the claim that he is the nicest man in Hollywood.

My amazement to his kindness started out when he released the song “Just the Two of Us.” He was the first rapper (and frankly the last) that I have heard keep ALL of their songs clean and with a positive message. The song I just referenced is one of the sweetest songs about his son. I used to listen to it over and over again. It is seriously adorable. For those who haven’t heard it please listen below!

I have watched him in the acting world and I have noticed another thing. Jada has been by his side for a long time. While researching this post I learned they have been married for 18 years! In Hollywood that is astounding! They admit they have had their ups and downs (who hasn’t?) but they have made it far longer than most.

The ability to sustain his marriage certainly says something about his character! He clearly is a devoted husband and father and that brings him far!

Lastly, the thing that sealed the deal for me was something he said on an interview with Jimmy Fallon. I was so impressed I knew I had to sing his praises. And here we are. He said:

“…You just keep loving people. The thing is to make sure with your art your art is a gift to people to help their lives be better and to be brighter.’ And what happens a lot of times is you’ll see people fail in this business is they’re in there for their ego and they start doing it for them. And it’s like no, it’s like you’re trying to help people just get through a day. And you do it really well.”

For this to come out of a stars mouth really is amazing to me. It is so awesome to hear someone say that they do it for their fans and genuinely mean it. He is so right about ego and how it is ultimately a person’s downfall and he has done an amazing job keeping his ego at bay.

I wish I was as nice of a person as Will Smith. I really want to commend him. As a tribute to him I want to ask all my bloggers to do something nice for one other person this week and comment about what you did!

Happy Monday everyone!



14 thoughts on “Will Smith is the Nicest Man in Hollywood!

  1. I don’t know if I believe everything he says, for a guy that has ten assistants and plenty of demands on set, along with being rumored hard to work with on some films, seems a bit far fetched. But then that could just be people blowing smoke. You never know. What comes out of his kids mouth is sheer stupidity sometimes though.

  2. He’ll always be the Fresh Prince to me! I just don’t follow a lot of Hollywood stuff, but my favorite songs of his are Getting Jiggy Wit It and Welcome to Miami (which I can’t get out of my head right now!)

  3. I agree with you, Shae, there is something about Will Smith that I have always liked. Not only when it comes to his acting, but also something about him. Did you ever seen the movie, The Pursuit of Happyness? Great film!

    And for being such a well-known star, I admire that he’s pretty much stayed out of the tabloids and seems to live a more private, quiet life.

    Loved the video clip you shared!

    Have a great week, my friend!

  4. Tom Hanks might give him a run for his money, but he can’t rap. Or maybe he CAN rap. Hmm…how about a duet between Will and Tom? I’m warming up to this idea more and more as I type this comment. Somebody get their agents on the line!

  5. He comes off as a decent guy and I applaud his efforts to spread the love.

    I haven’t found that nice thing to do yet, Shae, but I’ll be sure to make it happen. Thank you for putting that thought into my head, which is too often focused on my own wants and needs.

    And I think you’re every bit as nice as Will Smith. Maybe even nicer!

  6. I liked him in Hitch, and a few other movies that aren’t coming to mind right now. Still early… need more coffee! lol He seems like a nice person. Funny. Family guy.
    I guess one nice thing that I did was help my husband shovel our neighbor’s sidewalks and driveway yesterday. She was out there working, too. She’s over 80 though, so it’s just the right thing to do.

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