For those of you who don’t know, New England has been buried with snow this winter. Literally if you took all of the inches of snow we have received in the last few months and piled it on top of the 5′ 1″ that I am you would not see me, AT ALL. I would need more than a straw to reach the top to breath. I would need more than a meter stick!

Needless to say this snow is getting out of hand. I have gotten to the point where I hear snow in the forecast and I just basically roll my eyes and say “welp why not?”.


When you are taking a turn on to a road you basically have to roll out to the middle of the road before you can see anything at all. There are absolutely no sidewalks. Sorry joggers. And parking has gotten ridiculous wherever you go! Small parking lot? Even smaller now. Street parking? Forget it.

But if the snow wasn’t enough Mother Nature has decided to throw another curve ball our way. Thunder snow. Oh yes, it is in face a thing. According to the weather channel thunder snow is:

“Thundersnow is a snowstorm event in which thunder and lightning occur”

A few weeks ago I was watching the snow fall, praying it would stop and lightening just cracked across the sky. I think I was in such a state of shock that it did not even register how strange that was. However there is a weather man who definitely noticed how odd it was and he has become a local phenomenom.

I would like to leave you with this awesome weather man. May you be excited about ANYTHING at all as much as he is about catching thundersnow on camera!


Happy Friday bloggers!

10 thoughts on “Thundersnow?!?!

  1. I was wondering how you’ve been handling it! We’ve had a lot, but we always get a lot of lake effect snow here, so we are used to it. I feel bad for the mailmen because it’s virtually impossible to even find the mailboxes anymore!

    Hang in there, Shae! And yeah, that Jim Cantore dude is out of control! Ha!

  2. HAHAHAHAHAHA! OMG…I laughed out loud at the guy in the video clip. HILARIOUS!

    Yes, I’ve seen all the snow you and upstate New York have been getting this winter and MAN…you’ve been hit with a lot! It’s been a strange winter for us here in Philly because we haven’t gotten that much snow but it’s been FREEZING. It snows for a couple hours, then stops, then melts, then freezes. We’ve also gotten a lot of freezing rain.

    Even me, someone who likes winter and doesn’t mind the cold or snow, I’m looking forward to SPRING!

    Have a great weekend, my friend!


  3. Hey, Shae, I remember experiencing thundersnow way back in the Seventies when a blizzard slammed into New York. It sounded like the end of the world.

    This TV weatherman, on the other hand, is enjoying the event the way most people enjoy sex, I guess it comes with the job!

    I hope you guys in Boston get a break from all this misery as soon as possible. Until then, stay warm and stay safe.

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