Bye Bye Sky Mall

I am sure many of you have heard but for those who haven’t, sky mall filed for bankruptcy this week. Now many of their products were just absurd but you can’t say they were not well known. The one thing I always marveled at is how they cornered they air travel market. I have never seen another catalog in an airplane. And that baffles my mind. People are trapped on a plane for hours sometimes with extended periods without their electronics. That is such a good time to sell!

So even though Sky Mall is on the way out, I wanted this post to pay tribute to some of the best and worst things I have seen them sell. And let me tell you some of them are outrageous.

The Adult Jumping Ball:

Seriously? There has to be something wrong with this picture. Not only does the face on the ball look like Mr. Peanut but the guy riding it has a serious creep factor!

Lips for your dog:

One thing is for sure, my dog would kill me if I bought this! However the ‘Stache might be cute for a Stache party or even Halloween. But still my dog would never forgive me or Sky Mall for that matter.

Inflatable Movie Screen:

While this might look cool, can you imagine how easy it would be to pop? And for $250 I am not sure I want something so easy to ruin!

There are seriously so many Sky Mall gems. So as a way to say farewell I ask you readers to share some of your favorite Sky Mall items!

Happy Friday!

17 thoughts on “Bye Bye Sky Mall

  1. OMG, Shae, these items ARE outrageous!

    I had not heard of Sky Mall going bankrupt.

    “People are trapped on a plane for hours sometimes with extended periods without their electronics. That is such a good time to sell!”

    Yes, and I remember when I flew to Japan (a 27 1/2 plane flight! ), and the flight attendants coming down the aisles with a cart filled with items to purchase. Things like, perfumes, body lotions, etc. And I thought that was so cool because they were sold at discounted prices!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

  2. I don’t know whether it is Sky Mall on our UK planes, but I’ve bought one or two really good items from the on-board catalogue. One was a box of travel-sized Jo Malone perfume sprays with nice, light fragrances and one or two exotic ones, and the other was a truly great pair of battery-lit eyebrow tweezers in a metal lipstick style case. Some of the stuff is complete rubbish, of course.

  3. I always enjoyed looking through the Sky Mall catalog, Shae, but then I’m usually so stunned on Xanax that I forget everything I saw in the catalog by the time we land. Still, I do remembering getting a kick out of their stuff, adult jumping balls notwithstanding.

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