As a marketer I find anything that causes new marketing trends fascinating, #deflategate is one of those trends. For anyone who doesn’t know (you are clearly not from New England) #DeflateGate is what twitter as named the scandal the Patriots is dealing with right now. The controversy is that there is speculation that 11 of the 12 balls used in the AFC Championship win against the Colts were deflated.

Now as a Patriots fan I do need to say this, whether or not the balls were deflated is irrelevant. The win against the Colts was a landslide. The game was not close. A little bit of air would not have changed that. Even the Colts themselves admitted it. One of the tight ends tweeted that “they could have used soap balls and still beaten us.” I think that pretty much sums it up. It doesn’t matter!

But as a marketer this is advertising gold. This is a trend to jump on and have fun with. So I thought a great way to end the week is to share some of my favorite marketing collateral that has come from this scandal:10PercentOff-SocialMediaAd

Of course I had to do a shameless plug of our ad as well. The one with the 10% off. Anyone who wants to see more of my silly posts and marketing ideas can follow me on my company page at http://www.facebook.com/minutemanpressdedham

Happy Friday!

10 thoughts on “#DeflateGate

  1. Shae, since I’m not a sports follower, I didn’t know about this. But I’ve gotta say, I LOVE the cleverness in the marketing ads!

    Thanks for sharing because I very often learn about thing from reading your blog; things I never knew of.

    Have a SUPER weekend, my friend!


  2. Well sure, the outcome of the game wouldn’t have mattered, but it’s still breaking the rules. Somebody did it…and that’s just not cool.

    The real travesty, though, is how every single scandal since 1974 has used the word “gate” at the end. Watergate makes sense…name of the hotel. But Contragate? Nipplegate? Etc.? Please just stop, people…

    • I think the Gate her was to go with the last controversy starring the patriots: SpyGate.

      As for the “cheating” we all have our own opinion on it, but the facts do seem to be on our side…just saying.

  3. I wasn’t actually following this story either, but I love the way the ads made immediate use of this funky situation. I’m sure it’ll all blow over soon. (I couldn’t resist that one!)

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