Tattooed weddings are beautiful too!

So I do not even remember what post it was or what it was about but awhile back a loyal blogging friend of mine sparked an idea for a blog topic. Bijoux, we may disagree but I thank you for inspiring a blog topic.

I dont remember what was said, but I wrote a note to myself to do a blog on why tattoos and white wedding dresses go together. Because darling they do! I am not yet married but as many girls do, I fantasize about my wedding day all the time!

I have heard plenty of people tell me that the location of my only tattoo might become a regret on my wedding day because “tattoos and white wedding dresses don’t go together.” But those people could not be more wrong.

To start here is my tattoo:


This tattoo means a lot to me. It says “C’est La Vie”. As a worrier it is a constant reminder that I should not stress what I can’t change. Whatever will be will be. And let me tell you. On my wedding day I will want to be reminded of that in any way possible!

Plus, black and white is one of my favorite color schemes. So for the doubters out there I got some of my favorite wedding pictures with gorgeous tattooed girls. As a note none of these photos are my own.

If even one person sees this and has a change of heart before they judge the next tattooed bride I will feel I accomplished something. We all have our own preferences but I think love is beautiful in all forms!

12 thoughts on “Tattooed weddings are beautiful too!

  1. Shae, I respect your choices and opinions. The guy’s ears in the first photo bother me more than anything else!

    If someone has a tat on their arm or a small rose on their shoulder blade, no biggie. For me though, seeing a massive tat that covers someone’s back just distracts from the whole wedding. But, that’s just me!

  2. I love tattooed women, Shae, so I’ve got no problem seeing them in white wedding dresses. Yes, people can go overboard with them, but for the most part I have no objection. Your tat is pretty cute by the law, and a good advertisement for the blog!

  3. Shae, I don’t know whether you ever knew this about me, but I also have a tattoo. It’s on my upper right shoulder – it’s a little devil – how appropriate, right? HA!

    LOVE your tattoo! A girl I work with has something similar on her right forearm.

    I see nothing weird about tats. I read a bridal photography blog by a girl in the UK who has many tattoos, and will often share wedding photographs of couples with tats.

    “We all have our own preferences but I think love is beautiful in all forms!”



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