Love Actually vs Walking Dead

One thing I love when I watch movies and tv shows is seeing an actor that has characters from two separate works that have an odd little connection. I did a post like this once when I talked about Doc from Back to the Future and Uncle Fester. I find comparisons like this fascinating.

This post is about Andrew Lincoln in his Walking Dead/ Love Actually parts. I know many memes have been written about what he would have said on the posters if he did his Love Actually posters Zombie style (I know because that was originally where this post was going). But what I haven’t seen is the connection between the two characters, or should I say opposite agendas.

I should start by saying this post contains spoilers from both Love Actually and the Walking Dead. But really the spoilers are season one Walking Dead and who hasn’t seen Love Actually? If you are raising your hand right now just stop reading this post and go watch the movie. You will thank me later.

In Love Actually Lincoln’s character is in love with his best friend’s bride. He goes as far as to announce his love to her through posters and they actually end up kissing. Lincoln’s character stole the girl. And the audience went wild for it. AWW what a story. Right?

But then why did the audience still side with Lincoln when his best friend stole his wife? Mind you in the Walking Dead his best friend thought he was dead! They were also dealing with a bit of a catastophe. A zombie apocalypse! And yes I will admit his best friend went a little bonkers. But I wouldn’t say he is the most stable character on the show…

A love triangle is a love triangle and in my opinion, Shane on the Walking Dead actually was more justified in his actions. At least he wasn’t stealing his best friend’s wife literally at their own home while he was in the other room (like Lincoln did in Love Actually). Why this is considered romantic is baffling to me.

Either way the audience seems to have some kind of adoration for Lincoln regardless what side of the Love Triangle he is on and I find the connection humorous.

And since the internet already stole it I wanted to share one poster I did make for the original intent of this post…


10 thoughts on “Love Actually vs Walking Dead

  1. I have not seen that movie, but what an interesting connection! I agree that it doesn’t really make sense to side with his character in both instances.

    Love triangles are weird…I’ve been on both the winning and losing sides of them.

  2. I had no idea Andrew Lincoln was in Love, Actually. I think I saw that movie ages ago, but then again I am male so who really knows. Maybe I was dragged to it kicking and screaming?

  3. Hey, Shae, I didn’t actually see “Love, Actually” but I read your post anyway–and I’m glad I did. I know Andrew Lincoln solely from “The Walking Dead” and I’m interested in his work outside of TWD.

    You’re right in saying that Shane didn’t actually steal Lincoln’s wife, but I think Lincoln has one of those faces that audiences love. Whatever side of the Love Triangle he’s own, people are going to sympathize with him. Some guys have all the luck…

  4. OMG Shae, you’re going to kill me because I haven’t seen either Walking Dead OR Love Actually. However, I’ve seen the movie in F.Y.E., so I will definitely purchase it because they sell previously viewed movies so cheap.

    The movie sounds great too! And yes, I love a good love triangle!

    Have a super week, my friend!

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