My High School celeb crush got hitched!

Regardless of how perfect our real life relationship is, we all have celebrity crushes. I know I have mentioned my love for JGL on this blog and I am sure at some point I will share some other crushes. But today I want to throw it back to my High School years. One of my biggest High School celebrity crushes got married last weekend and a little piece of my heart broke but my faith was also restored.

This is my story of Benji Madden.

My obsession with Benji Madden’s band Good Charlotte started my Freshman year of High School. While all the cool kids were listening to rap I was struggling to find my niche in music. I was also struggling to identify with who I really was. Then came along a new girl from a different school. She sported pink hair and a ‘I don’t give a crap’ attitude. She quickly became a close friend and I was able to grapple with who I was.

One of the band’s she introduced me to was Good Charlotte. This band had everything I wanted in music. Up beat tempo, a little grunge, words I could relate to, and attitude for days. But like my pink haired buddy, they also had a hard core appearance. The members of this band (Benj included) sported radical hair styles, dark makeup (on boys) piercings, tattoos and an awesome wardrobe. A look I could never pull off.

The love for this band and this new friendship made me feel like a poser. I felt because I did not look like them I could not have similarities to them. I watched movie after movie and show after show which proved that people run with others who look like them. And I did not look like this new group I had become fascinated with.

This was something I struggled with throughout High School. I really didn’t fit in anywhere. I didn’t look like this group, I didn’t act like the popular kids… so where did I fit in?

Eventually I adopted the same ‘I don’t care attitude’ as the pink haired buddy I met and my love for Benji Madden became public knowledge.

My pet ferret (which admittedly was a short lived pet) was named Benji. I wore Good Charlotte attire and I rocked out to their songs no matter where I was.

When I heard Benji got married last weekend I was intrigued. Who could have caught his heart. Was she awesomely tattooed like him? Did she have a dark, sultry look to her?

The answer to all of the above was no. She was just like me. A regular girl (well as regular as you can get in Hollywood). Gorgeous of course but no visible tattoos, no heavy dark makeup, no radical wardrobe. Just a gorgeous girl with enormous talent.

He married none other than Cameron Diaz.

Let off the balloons! Hollywood is reaffirming the lesson I learned long ago. Appearance does not dictate your soul. Love can see beyond physical barriers. And it is beautiful.

So if my childhood crush had to marry someone I am thrilled it is her. Congrats Benji and Cameron! Here’s to many years of happiness!

6 thoughts on “My High School celeb crush got hitched!

  1. Well, that surprised me (Cameron Diaz), but I’m not sure why? Maybe I thought she was older or maybe the boys of
    Good Charlotte aren’t that young anymore!

  2. LOVED your inspiring insight, Shae! And you are spot on…

    “Appearance does not dictate your soul. Love can see beyond physical barriers. And it is beautiful.”


    Beautiful post, my friend! Have a super weekend!

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