Country vs Rap.

One thing I don’t think I mention to much on here is my love for country music. I could listen to country music all day long and never get bored. If I am sad I listen to a slow song. If I am feeling up beat I will listen to a jovial tune. If I am feeling angry I will pick a strong willed woman song. Whatever my mood country music has something that will fit.

Now generally when I mention my love for country music I get laughter. For those who don’t know I am from Massachusetts. About an hour out from Boston. Country music isn’t exactly a Boston girl’s jam. However, I definitely fit the bill for a Boston girl. I am a tiny girl with a huge attitude. I am not afraid to say what is on my mind. But the country side of my has a large heart and I really can connect with country music above all other music….especially rap.

This brings me to my point. Many people who make fun of my love of country, are those who adore rap music. I don’t know how many times I have heard the “what do you get when you play a country song backwards…truck back, wife back, blah blah.” Do you know where that little diddy came from?! A country song! Yup pretty funny that your insult to country music is a country song. Song in question is here:

But it got me to thinking. Rap music is known to follow their own trends that are ALWAYS the same. So I thought what do you get when you play a rap song backwards. Here is what I came up with:

You get out of jail, clean and sober, pass anger management, pull your pants up, gun in the safe, relationship back, dignity back, brains back, class back….

I could go on forever.

We all have our own preference in music. But one thing is for sure, if you look for it you can find the negative in any genre of music. So why don’t we all just enjoy the music we choose to enjoy and try not to dig on others for their choices? Otherwise this post will be made into a song!

That is a promise!

14 thoughts on “Country vs Rap.

  1. Ahahaha! Well, I like country music as well, and I, too, have noticed this tendency of other people to laugh when I admit it. But I like all kinds of music with few exceptions. I have to say, one of the exceptions is rap – it just doesn’t do anything for me except make me grit my teeth, although there are some Italian rap songs I quite like. it’s not Gangsta rap though, it’s quite gentle, and incorporates some melodic parts too.

    The country I like is Garth Brookes and Mike Nesmith kind of country. I suppose you’d probably call it middle-of-the-road country?

    • Garth Brooks is just a legend! I think he is as country as you get though. I think people that laugh at it really havent taken the time to listen to it. But that could just be the country girl in me!

  2. I don’t mind any kind of music besides most rap, the n word this, f word that crap, and heavy metal. The only thing you get with the later is a headache. Country is fine, I like the older stuff better though.

    • I used to say that I didn’t like ANY rap, but since listening to Italian radio (I’m learning Italian) I’ve discovered that a) rap is quite big in Italy at the moment and b) some of it is quite soothing and pleasant. I really like this one (Aspettando il Sole by Neffa):

      It’s mournful rather than aggressive. The title means ‘Waiting for the sun’. It’s about being depressed, missing his girl, not knowing what to do. Bit like the rap version of country! There’s no swearing, no threats, no nastiness. I don’t have any time for ‘ugly’ rap.

  3. “So why don’t we all just enjoy the music we choose to enjoy and try not to dig on others for their choices?’

    Amen, Shae! Music, like art, is all relative and how we FEEL when we experience it. I like MANY genres of music. And strangely enough, there was a time when I didn’t like country music, but over the years ended up really appreciating and enjoying it. I LOVE Bonnie Raitt. Martina McBride, and Garth Brookes. Music is very BIG here in Philly because it’s such a music city. I have to say though, I’m not a big fan of Rap. But to each his own, right?

    Loved the video clip!!!!!!!

    Have a super week, my friend! Fun post!!!

  4. I never make fun of people for their musical tastes because it’s all so subjective anyway. I’m not a fan of either country or rap personally, but I would never give anybody a hard time if they do happen to like those genres of music!

  5. Not really a fan of either one, Shae, but you make an excellent point about respecting other people’s musical choices. One person’s beautiful music is another person’s godawful crap. We’re all part of the big band of life.

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