The Demonic Pig

One thing I will mention again and again in this blog is my love for horror movies. I love to be scared and I love movies that make you think. I will watch any horror movie. Black and white, full color, low budget, hollywood style whatever it is, I will watch it.

With that in mind, when I notice a trend that I can’t quite understand I find the need to research it. The trend I started noticing was a boar or pig head popping up in many of these films. The films really never get an explanation for the appearance of this and it led me to believe that there was some bigger significance beyond the movie. And it turns out I was right. Here are a few places that the boar or pig reference popped up:

1) Pretty Little Liars: This might be a show marketing towards teenagers but let me tell you it is creepy and amazing to watch. One of the things that popped up was the pig reference. See this picture:

Not only that but one of the girls has a pig that she has had since she was young and she is absolutely attached to it. References to it come up in many episodes:

What are you hiding Aria?

2) Then there is the movie Motel Hell:

Can you say creepy?

3) And finally the most well known one- the Saw franchise!

The problem was none of these movies (or shows) explained why this was significant. But I found a really interesting article here that had some great insight on the mythology of a pig that I think fits so well.

I think the most poignant point made was, “ The pig is, among other things, a devourer; it is a menace to crops and to people, it is voracious and it is omnivorous.  Even the strong-stomached goat will not eat meat, its young, or manure.  Stories of domestic pigs killing and eating children, women in childbirth, even grown men are abundant, and some are undoubtedly true.”

If that doesn’t make you afraid of a pig I don’t know what will.

There is also a biblical reference in Matthew 8:28-34 where Jesus cast the demons into the pig and the pigs end up dying in the water. This reference could show the reason for the pigs demonic spirit now and show why the demon pig would be a killer to fear since the demon was instilled in the pig by Jesus himself.

Whatever reference the film makers are using to make the pig a killer to be feared- it certainly works.

What theory do you have as to why the Pig has become such a staple in horror?

8 thoughts on “The Demonic Pig

  1. OMG….I never thought of the demon pig thing from the Bible! You are so right! I think pigs are creepy looking, probably because they don’t have fur. It makes them look like they were skinned alive, so to speak, so I guess that’s why I think they are good for horror flicks.

  2. VERY interesting post topic, Shae! You know, I never thought about why there are often pigs used or referenced to in horror movies, but you’re absolutely right! And good point about demon pig in the Bible.

    I too love horror movies and being scared. However, I’m more into suspense and psychological thrillers (like The Silence of the Lambs or The Panic Room), than slasher, horror movies. To me, they make me more scared.

    And speaking of pigs, I had a friend in Florida who owned a Potbelly Pig, which she had as a pet, which she kept in her home (in a pen). And let me tell you, that pig (as cute as it was) was very aggressive and ill-tempered. In fact, it RAMMED me (with its head) several times on my legs while I was sitting on the couch.

    Have a great weekend, my friend!

  3. Very observant of you, Shae. I hadn’t noticed the pig trend in movies, but the pig has a long history of being scorned by humanity–Muslims and Jews are united in their hatred for pigs.

    People are turned off by their appearance and behavior, so they became vile creatures in many cultures. Horror filmmakers are quick to pick up on people’s fears so I can see why the pig theme is a film favorite.

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