Christmas Lights Date Night!

Sorry for the late post- Monday was a bit of a crazy day! But I didn’t want to leave you hanging so I am coming to you with a great holiday date night idea! Going to see Holiday Lights!

I am sure many of you are in the same boat as me. December is a crazy month. Between shopping, holiday parties and the end of the year craziness at work there just isn’t enough time in a day. This time of year can be the time of year we forget to show our loved ones how much we care- and this is the time we need to try extra hard!

I am all about Christmas! I will hum, sing, dance to any Christmas song pretty much all month. I love the Christmas movies (even the lifetime ones) and I love any excuse to get in the Christmas spirit. That is why Christmas lights are one of my favorite ways to spend a date night.

Last year we had our first date at a shrine near my house seeing their lights. It was cold but the lights were gorgeous and it was a great time just talking and getting to know each other.

This year we went to a shrine near his house and his mother and sister tagged along. We had a lot of fun. We sang christmas tunes, snapped some great pictures and warmed up with a nice cup of hot cocoa.

Lights 1 Lights 2Warm up with cocoa!

Although he wasn’t the biggest fan of the Christmas tunes I still had one Christmas song stuck in my head all night which I will leave you all with.

What is your favorite holiday date night idea?

10 thoughts on “Christmas Lights Date Night!

  1. “I am all about Christmas! I will hum, sing, dance to any Christmas song pretty much all month.”

    Me too, Shae! In fact, we have Christmas music playing at work right now and while most everyone is already sick of hearing it, I’m LOVIN’ it!

    What a great date night! And I love the pictures you shared!

    Speaking of ‘NSYNC, they originated from Orlando, Florida, which is where I lived for 15 years, and I clearly remember when they first started out because I was there at that time (1995). I always liked their sound.

    Enjoy the holiday, my friend!

  2. I LOVE to go see light displays. In fact, I was just looking online to find some houses where they sync their lights to music. My kids still love to drive around and see them. But dumb question….what is a shrine?

    I have the Waitresses ‘Merry Christmas’ song stuck in my head right now. Great picture of you and your man!

    • A shrine is a religious place. They are open all year with masses and they have religious events, a gift shop ect. Its like a church with extra stuff to do.

      During the winter months shrines in the area usually decorate for the holidays with huge displays. The one in my home town is one of the biggest in the country!

  3. What a great night, Shae! Seeing the holiday lights is both enjoyable and an excellent way to celebrate the season. There’s a neighborhood in Brooklyn called Dyker Heights were people go absolutely berserk with the lights and decorations. Cars are lined up for blocks and there are bus tours they will take people there. It’s crazy, but it’s fun.

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