Children are not props for feminism! There must be a better way!

I have mentioned this before on this blog and I will mention it again, I am a feminist. Not in the way the media tries to portray them though. I am not a man hater. I do no go days without a shower and I don’t eat a strange diet. I just strongly believe in equal rights and I feel we have a long way to go in achieving that goal. That being said when I come across something that attempts to enlighten people about the feminist agenda I need to check it out.

So this past week I came across a video where little girls were dropping the F-bomb to raise awareness for Feminism. It definitely had a buzz about it so I had to check it out.

The one thing I will say for sure is it got attention. Not all positive attention but it got attention. I realize the shock factor is a major component of raising awareness and that they did. However, I am not sure I agree with the tactic.

I don’t think swearing is a huge deal. I would not wash my kids mouth out with soap for saying something I say quite often. However, I do not think using children for a cause and making them spout out things they do not understand is a good tactic. These are children not products you can use however you please. There had to be a better way.

Even doing a dub over of animals giving the speeches might have had a better effect. This would still draw in an audience who were looking for the “cute” element and it would still have that shock factor since the swears are still coming from an unlikely place. The difference is the animals will not actually be required to say anything they don’t understand. They will simply be filmed being cute and the rest will be animation.

Anyone remember Duke?

To me that is a better way to promote the cause. I however am not exactly creative in things like this but I do believe in the cause, so I turn to you.

How would you make this ad better? Tell me in the comments below!

12 thoughts on “Children are not props for feminism! There must be a better way!

  1. That video is completely obnoxious! And who is this being targeted at? Little boys??? How ridiculous society has become. How about they make an ad targeted for teens, by teens, about stopping the use of the word ‘bitches’? It’s disrespectful to women and I’m tired of hearing men and women using it.

  2. Just proves how stupid people are getting in my opinion. Shock factor is one thing but being a rude a hole and using kids to do it is another. Much better ways, as long as people act like idiots they’ll be treated like idiots and that goes to anyone.

  3. I couldn’t watch that whole ad – those kids were completely annoying. I understand the message, but the way it was delivered muddied the point for me. If there were no f-bombs, I might have been able to tolerate it more. As it stands, overuse of swearing is ineffective and makes the speakers sound uneducated.

  4. Well, even me, who uses the f-bomb (and quite regularly, I might add) was kinda shocked at this video because I don’t curse in front of kids.

    I see the point in this video (as far as the topic goes), but I think the swearing made it less effective. Almost as if they were ‘trying’ too hard to make a point.

    Great topic though! Have a fabulous weekend, my friend!

  5. AMEN! I got into an argument with a friend over this video a month ago. It’s pure exploitation, in my opinion. She, as an ardent feminist, basically called me a stick in the mud. I’m glad somebody who identifies as a feminist is not a fan of the video.

  6. The critic John Simon once said “shock is the last bastion of the impotent” and that line holds true today. The video is obnoxious and severely trivializes a very important cause. I’ll take the talking dogs over this crap any day

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