Why Can’t We Enjoy A Little Fantasy?

This post topic is likely to make me very unpopular because of one fact, I am a skinny girl. But I feel like this needs to be said. The amount of energy that is spent trying to tell girls all bodies are perfect (well if they are curvy) is what is wrong with this world. Maybe if we didn’t spend so much time obsessing over body types then our little girls wouldn’t spend time obsessing over them either.

Case in point.

The “normal barbie”. This barbie comes to you with a more “realistic” body figure, stretch marks, acne and more. Am I the only one who doesn’t want my barbie to look this way? As a kid I never looked at my barbie and thought hmm I wanna look just like her. I thought hmm she is a toy and I want to play with her. And I assure you all the other girls my age thought the same way.

Yes there are people out there like the real life barbie who take things to the extreme. There will always be that person. But catering to that person only hurts the majority, it does not help it.

And now the new Cinderella trailer. Which might I add looks amazing! People are now complaining that her waist line is completely unrealistic. The waist line of the actual girl in the movie…apparently her real waist is not real enough. Yes it is small and yes her skirt is full so it makes it appear smaller but the fact is, it is the actresses actual waist. Should she be made to feel self conscious because it is not curvy?

Maybe instead of trying to be political correct and making curvy girls feel good about themselves we should stop talking about body types altogether. Why don’t we focus on the positive? Like that new Cinderella movie looks amazing and I want to see it. And those barbie dolls gave me hours upon hours of joy in my childhood just the way they were. Can’t we be grateful for those things rather than trying to put a political agenda behind them?

What do you bloggers think? Has the focus on body type gone too far?

12 thoughts on “Why Can’t We Enjoy A Little Fantasy?

  1. That movie does look good!

    Yes, I never thought about Barbie’s body either….it was just a toy to me. You and I have similar body types (though I think you’ve said you are on the shorter side?). I get tired of people acting as though our body type is abnormal or we must be anorexic because we are thin. It’s as hurtful as telling people they are fat.

  2. Yeah it is just moronic with the PC crap. No kid ever thinks like that, stupid adults pretend they are thinking like a kid when really they are thinking like an adult. Toys are toys and they are for play. Now they are even after nerf guns and the like because oh that leads to violent behaviour, pffffft right.

  3. Shae, thanks so much for sharing the clip of Cinderella because it looks faaaaaaabulous! I love Kate Blanchett!

    Great post topic and agree, there is WAY too much focus on body type, whether it be short, tall, thin, or full-figured. Like you, I’m thin but also short, so I get a lot comments on my weight and height. However, I have to say that to me, I don’t have a preference if someone is tall or short, thin or full-figured.

    ” we should stop talking about body types altogether. Why don’t we focus on the positive? ”


    Have a super week, my friend!

  4. “Maybe if we didn’t spend so much time obsessing over body types then our little girls wouldn’t spend time obsessing over them either.”

    That about sums it up, Shae. Body type has taken up far too much of the collective consciousness, leading to ridiculous idea like “normal” Barbie. Kids don’t want a toy with imperfections, they want the fantasy. They have the rest of their lives to deal with reality. Let them enjoy their childhood.

  5. I dunno. I get what they’re doing, and appreciate it. My daughter is going through a phase where her skin is not the greatest, and I know it makes her feel self-conscious. I applaud Mattel’s (assuming they’re the ones who make Barbie dolls) efforts to make their dolls a little more realistic.

    Of course, my daughter is much too old for Barbies now, so it’s sort of a moot point anyway.

  6. True the problem isn’t with Barbie dolls or the girl from the new Cinderella movie (which does look awesome), rather the problem is with the media, plastic surgery, as well as the fashion and beauty industries and the the standard of beauty they push with Photoshop to push there products and services. Also the judgmental assholes who shame others to make them feel better about themselves. So yes concentrate onbthe positives beautiful is beautiful no matter what size

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