November When….

One of the things I love about the website “Dating Divas” (which I know I mention all the time) is their monthly calendars with daily ideas for keeping it interesting in your relationship. Some of the ideas are full on date nights while other ideas are simple things like “compliment your significant other”. I try to go through the calendar often and participate in as many little things as I can.

One of the tasks for this month is having a “November When” date. The idea here is to talk with your spouse about a memory from November. This could also be a group date basically having a round table discussion about your favorite November memories.

I thought this was a great idea for a blog post as I love hearing about you guys and it seems many of you like learning a little more about me! So here is my November when…

As a kid growing up I was very introverted and shy (not unlike now.) Any gatherings that made me get out of my comfort zone made me nervous and I would avoid them at all costs. So when November rolled around I would absolutely dread having to do my Thanksgiving leaf.

What is that?

Well my Mom’s best friend would have all of us kids (and adults) take a paper leaf and write one thing we were thankful for on it. We would then put the leaf up on display and often we would talk about what we wrote. I absolutely HATED this activity. I could never think of something good to write and I always felt like I wouldn’t sound grateful enough.

Now looking back I really miss doing that. It was a way to remember the things we had in life. It was a way to focus on the postitive. However, as a kid it was only a source of anxiety.

I might consider bringing this in to my home but not as a requirement. Maybe even just something for me personally. To November when…

So bloggers what is one of your favorite November memories…

12 thoughts on “November When….

  1. Shae, I too was very shy and introverted as a child, so I know how you felt.

    LOVE the idea about the Thanksgiving Day leaf! I may have to try that myself this month.

    One of my favorite Thanksgiving Day memories was when in school, we would trace the outline of one of our opened hands and make a turkey on construction paper. They were called Hand Turkeys.

    Like this:

    So much fun!

    Have a super weekend, my friend!

  2. Ah Shae, Sorry I gave you anxiety. The Thanksgiving leaves started on Nov 1st. We would write them every night at supper & anyone coming over at any time would write one & then place them on the tree. We had a turkey with leaves too when we had Too many leaves. 🙂 I LOVED that. 😉 I still have those leaves & feathers. Starting next year I will be giving all of them their leaves to fill out at their house & then place them on the Family Tree. I have found this year to be quite challenging so, concentrating on the blessings is a blessing in itself. I am thankful that I had/have you in my life….even if I do drive you nuts. 🙂 Love Ya. Happy Turkey Day!

    • Oh Aunt Dee you always gave me anxiety but you wouldnt be you if you didnt! I love you all the same! Hopefully I will get to see you for Christmas. I believe you still need to meet my boy 🙂

  3. My fave November memory is when my son was born the Sunday after Thanksgiving……20 years ago this year! I remember holding him for the first time like it was yesterday! I was ecstatic to have a boy, after two girls, since I knew it would be my last one.

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