I will be the first to admit that I grew up in the technology age. My dad was a computer programmer so I was blessed to have all the latest technology as it came out. One of my oldest memories is being only a few years old, sitting on my dad’s lap playing with Paint on the computer. I was a tech kid. And I am proud of it.

As I grew up my obsession extended to phones and even iPod. I wanted the latest and greatest tech device to keep up with the times. But the thing was, technology was advancing with me. Cell phones really didn’t become huge until I was a teenager. The iPod really didn’t make a huge splash on the scene until I was in my late teens. These were all acceptable ages to have these devices.

Children growing up now are faced with a hard problem. Technology is everywhere and whether they are ready for it or not they will come in to contact with it. The problem is, the manufacturers are really taking advantage of this fact and they are coming up with ridiculous inventions that should just not exist.

The one that got me on this rant is the iPotty. Basically it is a potty with a spot to allow an iPod to be used while on the potty. I think the idea here is to make going potty fun. But seriously?! Kids need to learn this skill whether it is fun or not. We all have done it just fine without the high tech potty’s. I think we need to keep the electronics out of the bathroom!


Then there is the apptivity seat. Basically it is a bouncy chair made to be used with…you guessed it…an ipad. The bouncy seat was meant to keep kids entertained and in one spot. Now adding an iPad makes it so kids will never be able to entertain themselves. They will always be reliant on electronic devices. This to me is absurd and really needs to be nipped in the bud.

download (1)

The article that really lays these absurd toys out can be found here.

The last electronic device I want to gripe about is the Hapifork. Basically it nags you while you eat. So basically we can’t go potty, entertain ourselves or eat without the help of electronic devices.

download (2)

Will we soon get an electronic device to wipe our bums for us too?

All I think when I hear about these devices is iBullshit! What about you? Do you think these gadgets are good ideas or complete iBullshit?

14 thoughts on “iBullshit!

  1. That is just sad! The more I read on child development, the more it shows that the simplest toys, like blocks, are best for brain development. Hopefully, most people can’t afford all that nonsense!

  2. “Kids need to learn this skill whether it is fun or not. We all have done it just fine without the high tech potty’s. I think we need to keep the electronics out of the bathroom!”

    AMEN, Shae! Look, I’m all for advanced technology, but I think it’s gotten waaaaaaaaaaay out of hand because it’s gotten to the point where people can’t do ANYTHING without being attached to technology. What I fear most about this is that children are not able to use their imaginations and do things without the need for technology and THINK and DO for themselves.

    Great topic, my friend! Have a fantabulous weekend!

    P.S. OMG…that Hapifork is just too much!

  3. Ye gods, Shae, this is screaming four-alarm ibullshit! A Hapifork?!? Are these people out of their i-f*cking minds?!? And the kid really needs a laptop on bouncy seat, right? This is demented. We’re turning into cyborgs–part human, part machine–and we don’t even know it!

  4. Hey, I wish I had an iPotty now! And if they come out with something to wipe our butts, then I’m getting that too! Love technology but I agree, little kids and babies don’t need all that stuff, especially when they can be easily amused with an empty box!

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