Women can love sports the same way as men!

I don’t know how much I have talked about this on my blog, but I am a Female sports fan. My favorite sport to watch is baseball but I also follow Football pretty closely and I am learning to love Hockey ( since the boyfriend is into it).

I have been into sports since probably middle school or early high school. I was the girl with all guy friends so it kind of came with the territory. I would stay up nights on the phone with one of my guy friends watching a game, complaining about the players and complaining about the penalties. I learned to love the sports. I learned everything about the sports just as well as the boys. In fact I became the person people turned to for their updates. And by people I mean the guys.

But this never carried over to new men I would meet. If I went on a new date and offered to watch a game with a guy they would usually laugh at me and say “I dont want to bore you.” If I tried to strike up a conversation about a particular player most men would say “oh how cute, did you do your research for me?” This ALWAYS infuriated me. But I always told myself I love the game for myself and not for anyone else so who cares what they think.

The funny part is, in every relationship I have ever been in, I have been the sports lover. I have had to beg and plead with the guys in my life to watch a full sports game. They just never had the passion for it that I did. And yet girl’s just don’t get sports, or at least accord to Men’s Health Magazine.

Now I can’t point you to the article because Men’s Health (wisely) deleted it. But this rant came up because they posted an article titled “How to talk to Women about sports.” The premise was basically that women don’t care about stats and instead need story lines.

Now, I will admit I am not a math person. But I do actually like to hear the stats of the game. Do I want to figure them out myself? No. But it does not mean I am not interested in hearing them. And I need story lines? Excuse me? Just because I enjoy a good chick flick doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy a good game, stats and all.

The article is offensive because it lumps all women in as basically incapable of enjoying sports. Yet I am a girl who enjoys sports (without being talked to in a different way about it) and for the most part I know more than many guys do. To learn more about this article and the fall-out click here.

So Men’s Health Magazine please remember, women can be women and enjoy a good sports game.

What do you bloggers think about the Men’s Health article?

20 thoughts on “Women can love sports the same way as men!

  1. Articles like that, which generalize either sex, are ridiculous. And how annoying for you, that guys would think you read up on something sports related just for them. Please!

  2. Yep, articles like that are just pointless. No matter what it is in the world, once you start trying to generalize it to one gender or the other, you’ve already lost.

  3. Maybe they should have said most women. And you obviously are not like most women. I know quite a few women who are very very passionate about sports. And not just because they like the uniforms. I’ve never been with a woman who has been into sports, so maybe I should make that a priority for my next girlfriend.

  4. I think it’s incredibly sexist not to mention chock full of antiquated assumptions about both women and sports. Kudos to you for enjoying a little ball action! Err…you know what I mean.

  5. “Just because I enjoy a good chick flick doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy a good game, stats and all.”

    Exactly, Shae! Articles like that make sweeping generalizations. I know several women who enjoy chick flicks but also enjoy sports. Just like some men can enjoy sports, but also enjoy chick flicks.

    It amazes me that society still categorizes women and men in what their likes and dislikes are. As Mark shared, I think it’s incredibly sexist.

    I think it’s awesome that you have such a passion for sports, and probably know MUCH more about them then I do.

    Great post topic, my friend, as always! Have a super sport weekend!

  6. Clearly Men’s Health screwed up by publishing that article. I used to keep baseball stats with my dad for every Orioles game when I was a kid. I also know guys who are not interested in professional sports at all, even though they are “supposed to” because they are a guy.

  7. I’m a mad football fan and absolutely love the game. The Men’s Health article sounds like a load of misogynist crap and they deserved to get a wrap over the knuckles for it. Good post xxx

  8. Loved your post. Especially because I have had girlfriends in the past who were into sports as much as I was (baseball, too 🙂 ). In fact, baseball can be such a good ice-breaker that I’m surprised guys don’t use it more as a chat-up line: I’m heartbroken over Jeter, will you be my shoulder to cry on? 🙂

    You probably guessed that I’m a yankee. Gutted that we haven’t made it to the playoffs second year running.

    Greetings from London.

  9. I’ve been a big sports fan since about age 7. My wife is not but, over the years, I dated a few women who were. I certainly never felt threatened by it. Indeed, it was always a pleasant surprise. My wife can tolerate soccer so the World Cup was a big deal at our house this summer.

    Right now, I’m obsessed with my Orioles… and sad that they’re two games down in the ALCS…

  10. “Just because I enjoy a good chick flick doesn’t mean I can’t also enjoy a good game, stats and all.”

    Good for you, Shae! I am a guy who doesn’t really follow sports, but I certainly support a woman’s right to enjoy all the games that men do! Shame on these men who speak condescendingly to women. I guess they need to feel superior in some small way–which is no way to have a relationship.

    So get in there and enjoy those sports. And forget those twits at Men’s Health!

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