Park you car THEN walk in. Please and Thank You!

So every once in awhile, a status I post on Facebook sparks a little bit of a debate. Well a few weeks ago this happened to me. The status I posted was this:

“Alright ladies please explain this. Why do you need to be dropped off at the door of your destination and your beau has to catch up with you after parking???”

The inspiration for this was basically every trip to the grocery store ever! I always end up stuck behind some car waiting at the front of the store to let the woman out. I have to sit there and wait for her to collect her things, cross in front of the car, and the car to begin moving again before I can park. Almost every time the woman who gets out is middle aged at most, no disabilities and seemingly perfectly capable of walking from a parking spot into the grocery store. But it still happens time and time again.

The responses on the status started off pretty affirmative. Other women felt this was absurd. I felt validated. But then the generation gap reared its ugly head. Women that were closer to my parent’s age and up felt this was “chivalrous” or “polite”.

The logic basically was that a man should offer this to a woman because it is the right thing to do. I was told “why should two people get wet?”. I mulled these words over and over in my head but still I am not on board.

My feeling is this: If you are elderly or have a disability of course you should get special treatment in this regard (handicap parking anyone?). However, women are always begging for equal rights yet expect a man to drop them at the door of the store instead of walking with them from a parking spot? How is that equal?

I have two legs and I am perfectly capable of walking the same distance as my boyfriend. In fact I would rather walk in with in rather than worrying about how we will meet up once in the store. Plus unless I also send him out to retrieve the car while I wait for the chariot to pick me up in front, my little legs will need to make the walk back from the store so what is the difference?!

I am realizing that this is a generation gap issue. So I turn to you bloggers of all ages. What are your feelings on this? Should a woman expect a man to drop her at the door of a store instead of walking with him from the parking spot? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

10 thoughts on “Park you car THEN walk in. Please and Thank You!

  1. Interesting! I’m probably your parents’s age, but I think it’s a bit absurd too. Now, if it’s raining, I understand it, and my husband will drop me off if it’s raining and I’m dressed up to go out to dinner. However, if we are just going to Lowes in the rain, then no drop off.

    I truly haven’t seen random drop offs of middle age women. But what I do find annoying are people who stand with their carts at an entrance and wait to be picked up, causing all sorts of congestion.

  2. I think it is dumb as well. Because guess what? They are still going to have to use those two legs and walk all around the store. So saving themselves an extra minute of walking just seems pointless. What annoys me is the ones that go around and around getting in the way trying to find a parking smart up close, when they skipped a few a bit farther away. The time and gas they waste trying for that magic close spot, is sometimes more time than it takes to be in and out of the store.

  3. I get that it’s a polite gesture, but this isn’t 1965. Customs change. We once believed women should not vote, but empowered them to do so. They can just as easily walk! (I’m not being mean. I agree that if it’s raining or there is some physical issue they should be dropped off).

  4. VERY interesting topic, Shae!

    I can see dropping off a woman (or even a man) if there is some kind of disability or yes, if it’s raining. But not just to do it.

    Yet, I will say (and that’s probably because I’m from another generation) that I do like holding a door open for a lady and even opening and closing her car door for her. It’s just something I enjoying doing for a lady.

    You always post the best topics, my friend! Have a super weekend!


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